Photos: Cats petting at Neko No Niwa

Finally visited Neko No Niwa, Singapore’s first cat cafe, with couple of friends and bf last Saturday… for a relaxing one-hour session with the cats.

It wasn’t hard to find, just take a bit of sign-spotting.
If you walk down Boat Quay, it’s somewhere in the middle of that stretch of restaurants and on the 2nd floor.

Look up and look for the signage (as shown below), definitely easier to spot than look for the unit number.
We would probably have stayed longer, if they didn’t have a long waiting list to fill our space and the kitties were less sleepy / grumpy 😛


Anyway, here are some photos of the place and kitties:

– Signage above (though we found that  looked more dog-like than cat)

– Panorama of the area

– Kitty wall art by Sloth Studio

– kitty feeling quite puzzled with us crowding beside it.

– comfortably asleep… bf wondering if it’s alright.

– close up of the sleepy head

– another sleepy kitty

– very very sleepy kitty.


For S$12/1st hour and S$5/subsequent half hour, it’s a pretty nice place to chill, have a coffee or dessert (as an add-on cost) and pet the kitties.

But they do have a few rules to follow, e.g. no hugging of cats unless they jumped onto your lap.
Which is quite different from the ones I’ve been to (in Taipei and Osaka).

If they could include some snacks for us to feed the kitties, they might be more interested to interact with us.
That’s my suggestion but it depends if it’s allowed by regulations.

I would visit again (hopefully soon), just to get a chance to have the kitties jump onto my lap 😀


– do call for reservation / appointment.
– go around opening hours or in the evening (we were there around 3pm but the kitties were more interested in having their afternoon naps, be there earlier or later, might be better)