Thoughts: Logitech Z50 Multimedia Speaker

If you want a speaker for listening to music or hook up to a desktop…
That’s also small but loud enough for surround sound feel, consider getting the Logitech Z50 Multimedia Speaker.

Thanks to Logitech Singapore and SPRG, I was able to try out the Z50 Pink Speaker for 2 weeks.

It comes with the Z50 speaker, the power supply cable / plug, 3.5mm output cable and documentations.


– Size: It’s small enough to fit in any bag and quite light in weight.
– Design: Reminds me of the huge sub woofer I had. Z50 is rather rounded and easy hold / grip.
– Sound: As in the press release / product specs, it was loud and scared the hell outta me when I first played Rock music on it. Music / vocals were rather clear and the Z50 has quite decent bass.
– Colors: Comes in Pink / Grey / Blue.
– Price: Affordable, at S$24.00.

– Power Plug: It came as a type A (2 flat metal bar) and not our usual UK plug (the 3 fat metal bar). Took a while to find the right travel adapter and combination before being able to charge the speaker.


It works as described, a decent and simple multimedia speaker, providing clear sound and works well with multiple devices (e.g. mobile devices).
For the price, it’s affordable and will work well as a desktop speaker but the power plug point will be a slight issue.

Hopefully the actual sets all come with the usual UK plug and the issue I had, is just a review unit issue.


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