Guide: Logitech – Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Here are a couple of Valentine’s day tech gift ideas, if you have yet to make the purchase for your special someone.


Opposites attract, even in the world of tablets:

If you and your special someone own different OS tablets…
Logitech offers protective folio cases for both the Apple’s iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, so you can create similar looks on your devices. With both folios being ultra-thin and ultra-light, it is the perfect match for your tablet while offering protective functions that would ensure your tablet lasts long enough to celebrate the five hundred twenty-five thousand moments in life.

Price for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Logitech Folio Protective Case:
– SGD$59.00, available in Carbon Black (10.1”, 8” and 7”), Mars Red Orange (10.1”) Dark Clay Grey (8”) and Fantasy Pink (7.0”)

Price for Logitech Folio Protective Case for iPad Air:
– SGD$59.00, available in Carbon Black, Mars


Two is definitely better than one:

Let the UE BOOM provide perfect surround sound to enhance your romantic dinner mood. With its 360-degree design, the UE BOOM projects your soulful tunes in every direction, no matter where you are. It can also be paired with another UE BOOM unit for a larger sound, proving two is better than one. Now, how’s that for a double date?


– SGD$299.00 each, available in white, black, red and blue


Hope this helps 🙂

Details as kindly shared by Logitech Singapore and SPRG.

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