Random: US TV Series addiction

Not known to many, I’ve quite the tv series addiction 😀
Dad and I love camping in front of the TV and catching the episodes and repeats, for shows such as NCIS, The Following, Warehouse 13, Marvel’s Agent of Shield, Eureka, Sherlock, SVU… etc.

And well, here are some series currently airing on cable tv (which i follow):

  • Warehouse 13 Season 4 (Mon – Fri, 8pm, FOX) (thoughts: getting interesting, Artie all stressed out)
  • NCIS Season 11 (Every Mon, 9.50pm, FOX) (thoughts: too bad Ziva is gone but new character, should be interesting)
  • The Following Season 2 (Every Tue, 9.50pm, FOX) (thoughts: getting a little bit boring with the constant mindfking twists, wondering how they gonna continue this with the new characters)
  • Franklin & Bash Season 2 (Every Fri, 10.50pm on FOXCrime) (thoughts: as ‘doh’ and silly as ever)

While others are on break and will be back in the next couple of months but thankfully they don’t usually take ‘breaks’ at the same time, so there’s always some series we can watch or re-watch.
Of course, there are other programs / channels we watch often (e.g. Nat Geo, Cartoon Network, History and H2) but US TV series on FOX, AXN and etc will always be first choice, heh.


One more week to go, till the return of The Blacklist 😀

– 5th March 10pm SGT on AXN


I really hope the upcoming episodes will address Red’s relationship with Lizzie.
Though there were rather obvious hints along the way in Season 1 but it’ll be good if they do go in depth and talk about Lizzie mom too 😀


Anyway, that ends my midweek random post.
Time to get back to prep-ing for IT Show info 😀