News: Sony SmartBand SWR10

As reported on couple of tech sites, the SmartBand SWR10 (or better known previously as CORE) was showcased at MWC 2014 and will be available soon from March 2014, for 60 countries.


Design wise, similar / close to some existing sports band / fitness trackers in market but I would say, it’s better to “not change it if it works”.
Based on the tech reviews I’ve read, the clasp seems to be the only bit that requires some re-designing or alternative.

I was hoping to get the Razer Nabu but seeing that it’ll be an extremely social media and etc. connected gadget, not something I’m looking for at the moment. And when compared to the other fitness bands, the SWR10 seems more appealing, fitting the criteria, e.g. for fitness and pairing with my Xperia Z.

Now just gonna wait for the actual launch and our market’s choice of colors.

Pricing wise, my guess that it will be priced close to those in market, so it should be around the 100 – 190sgd range.

We’ll know for sure when the press release and confirmed launch date is out 🙂


Tech news sharing and partly using this as a personal reminder to #buybuybuy 😛

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