News: Popeyes launches new Cajun & Creole Chicken Sandwiches in Singapore

2014 will be an especially exciting year for Popeyes Singapore, with a number of new food items / products and dipping sauces to be introduced to local diners, as shared at yesterday’s products launch / tasting session.


Just for the month of March, two new sandwiches (or burgers, since round buns are used) will be on their menu. These new items will be available at Popeyes Singapore outlets within next two weeks and will be served in boxes (not the wrap or paper tray shown in photos).

Sides are as usual, up to diners to choose or switch (yay for mash potatos~).
And same goes for their preferred use of fresh chicken for their quality food items, as shared by the friendly management team from Popeyes Singapore.

First up…

1) The Creole Sandwich – mild crispy chicken filet marinated with onion, garlic, red and black pepper, served on a soft round bun with lettuce, tomato and a creamy creole sauce that is seasoned with onion, garlic, peppers, tomato and parsley.

– Creole Sandwich with fries. (as first shared on my instagram account)

Aside from the moist chicken filet that Popeyes serve, I like the creamy creole sauce used, quite a bit of peppery kick and tangy after taste. And with the juicy tomato slice, it was quite a refreshing combination… :D~



2) The Cajun Sandwich – mild crispy chicken filet marinated with onion, garlic, red and black pepper, served on a soft round bun with lettuce, tomato and a creamy spicy spread seasoned with a blend of red chili peppers.

– Cajun Sandwich with fries (as first shared on my instagram account)

Initially it didn’t really get my attention as it felt more light and mayo taste than spicy, compared to the Creole Burger. But after the 4th bite, red chili pepper in the sauce sauce kicked in and left a rather lasting and slightly numbing spicy after taste (note: the little red chili bits in sauce, in photo). Might be a little spicy for some but a cold soft drink will easily rid that lasting spiciness.

As for the set meal or à la carte pricing for either items, my guess that it should be within their usual range – between 3 – 8 bucks.


Though I’m not a regular ‘fried chickens and burgers’ person, these two items left quite a lasting impression and taste… not forgetting my favorite mash potatoes with all the chicken bits and spice… which is making my mouth water right now as I’m typing this post.

So yeah, pretty sure I’ll head back soon to munch on them (with my fiance) 😛

And well…
If you love trying new food items or a loyal supporter of Popeyes, keep this in mind and try it once they are on the menu 😀


Lastly, a group photo with Popeyes Singapore team, Bugis branch staff and other food / lifestyle bloggers.

Sincere thanks to Popeyes Singapore and McCann teams for the invite.
It was lovely to meet and chat with all 🙂


Oh and this came in earlier…

Popeyes Singapore is inviting 20 of their fans (and their +1) to try out these two items out before the official launch. So if you are interested to try them out, do head over to Popeyes Singapore FaceBook page and answer a simple question before 6th March.

For more details, check out Popeyes Singapore FaceBook page: