Thoughts: Logitech X100 Wireless Mobile Speaker

As earlier shared, Logitech unveiled its X100 Mobile Speaker, designed for people with active lifestyles with its ultra-portable, the best-in-class mono speaker wirelessly connects to your device through Bluetooth® so you can easily stream music from up to 30 feet away.

Its rechargeable battery lets you listen to music on the go and away from a power outlet for up to five hours.  Plus, when paired / used your mobile phone, you can manage the speaker’s volume and use it for hands-free calls.

And thanks to Logitech Singapore and SPRG, I had the chance to try it / them out for 2 weeks 🙂


Here are a couple of photos of the X100:

– Cyan / Green set in box.

– the Purple / Yellow set (with on/off, + / bluetooth / – buttons).

– the Cyan /Green set beside my iPad mini.

– lastly, another shot of the Purple / Yellow set. (doubt i need to explain more, on how much i like it. heh.)


Okay, now for the ‘Likes’ and ‘Dislikes’ bit.

– Ease of use: I love how easy it paired with all mobile devices and even my laptop, just hold on to the bluetooth button and wait for the ‘ding’ or sound and search for it on your mobile. Once it’s linked, it’s ready for use.
– Sound: Amazed by the sound quality for something which is this small, producing such clear sound and loud enough to fill the entire room (and can be heard a distance away). A little bit more bass to it, so it’s a welcome change.
– Color: Comes in 4 interesting colors. Love their bold color combination, really caught my attention and I’ve to decide which color I like most, before buying one… *hmmm*
– Charging: Just a micro-usb cable and you can charge away with your PC / laptop or wall plug.
– Size: As said, it’s small enough to bring it out everywhere. I had in my bag everyday, during review testing.
– Price: For something so cute and small, it’s at an affordable price of SGD69.

– Battery Indicator: There isn’t one to highlight how much battery life is left. It will be good if they are able to prompt or indicate with blinking light or something.
– Manual: As much as it’s just graphic explanation, it requires a bit more details to tell non-techie users if the Bluetooth indicator light is required to blink during sync / link or not and other minor queries.

In all, even with the small ‘dislike’ for the non-indicator and manual, it’s a lovely gadget / mobile Bluetooth speaker, which I want to add to my gadgets in the coming months. But first, I will need to decide which color I love more… and also, if Logitech doesn’t sway my decision with more tempting mobile speakers with such great sound and affordable price.

Heh ^^v

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