News: Enjoy Music Noise-free and Wirelessly with Sony MDR-ZX750BN Headphones

As the pioneer in Bluetooth™ and noise cancelling headphones, Sony unveiled the wireless MDR-ZX750BN, perfect for those who like their music without disturbances and tangle-free. (me: *raise hands and grins*)

Its 40mm dynamic driver unit delivers high quality, powerful sound, and is boosted by Digital Equalizer and Beat Response Control technologies that enhance mid-range vocals and deep bellowing bass. (me: wonder if it’ll give me goose bumps when listening to Foo Fighters… hmmm….)

Featuring Bluetooth™ and Near-Field Communications (NFC) capabilities that allow users to stream their music to the headphones with just a simple tap of both devices against each other, the MDR-ZX750BN also provides Digital Noise Cancelling that offers an improved rate by accurate signal processing as compared to Analog Noise Cancelling. (me: Mmm… digital noise cancelling? interesting…)

By using a pair of microphones to pick up ambient surrounding sounds and cancelling it with an inverse “Anti-Noise” sound wave, the headphones ensure you are only listening to the music you want to unwind to, free from the disturbance of low frequency noises emitted from airplane engines, trains and offices.


Besides the freedom of wireless listening, the MDR-ZX750BN also sports a slim, swivel folding style for convenient storage in your backpack, and its pressure relieving earpads gives extended comfort for long commutes with music as your companion.

Available in black and white, the MDR-ZX750BN headphones will be available at all Sony stores and authorised outlets from 07 March 2014 (this Friday) onwards, at a recommended retail price of S$249.


Instead of doing the usual short write on this, I added little notes on some of the feature points above.
Sounds like another interesting headphones from Sony.

Just a little curious how much better will the bass be on this new headphone.


Specifications Sheet

Model MDR-ZX750BN
Type Closed, Dynamic
Driver Units 40mm
Frequency Response1 8 Hz – 22,000 Hz
Maximum Input1 100 mW
Impedance1 NC ON: 23 Ω (1 kHz)

NC OFF: 50 Ω (1 kHz)

Sound Pressure Sensitivity1 NC ON: 102 dB/mW

NC OFF: 101 dB/mW

Charging Time Approx. 2.5 hours via USB
Usage Hours When using the supplied connecting cord

Max. 24 hours (NC ON)


When connecting via the BLUETOOTH device

Music playback time: Max. 13 hours (NC ON), Max. 19 hours (NC OFF)

Communication time: Max. 10 hours (NC ON), Max. 12 hours (NC OFF)

Standby time: Max. 26 hours (NC ON), Max. 150 hours (NC OFF)
Note: Usage hours may be shorter depending on the Codec and the conditions of use.

Mass Approx. 230g

1 When using the supplied connecting cord.


Details as shared by Sony Singapore and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide.