News: Waterfront Shines Bright with Traxon Innovative Light Art at i-Light Marina Bay

As shared in earlier post, i Light Marina Bay will be featuring 28 innovative and environmentally sustainable light installations from around the world from tonight till end March!

Traxon proudly sponsors two different artists, Uno Lai Lighting Design and Meinhardt Light Studio, to help them realise their creative lighting concepts with Traxon Dot XL, String RGB and e:cue Butler XT2 lighting solutions. From Joujou-Ours’ adorable toy bear lights to Bedazzled’s starry night installation, each artist creatively harnesses the power of light and transforms them into ingenious pieces of art.

– artist: Uno Lai

– artists: from Meinhardt Light Studio


Most people would remember owning and playing with toy bears – regardless of age, hence the image of a toy bear remains a memory close to their hearts. Rekindling this memory, the Joujou-Ours light art installation comprises of giant toy bear heads, lit up using energy-efficient LED lights. Joujou-Ours means “toy bears” in French. Each toy bear has its own personality, not just through the colour and effect of their lights, but also through accents and accessories such as hats, glasses and moustaches.

– Joujou-Ours

Different toy bears display unique lighting effects, and react to motion and touch through the use of motion sensors. Walking closer to different bears will trigger lighting effects, while touching their heads will trigger alternate lighting effects. With the help of Traxon Dot XL and e:cue Butler XT solutions, Uno Bear creates a dynamic experience that is both nostalgic and heart-warming experience for visitors.



– Bedazzled

For most city folks, the sight of stars and starry skies are a concept far away; almost like a myth. Lighting is essential for us to conduct our daily activities and is absolutely indispensable. As bright and neon lights envelope the city, the starry skies disappear. Bedazzled brings people closer to the natural starry night sky that has been gradually lost due to light pollution. Experience the wonder of being under a blanket of stars in a truly dark sky featuring animated constellations that will make you believe in magic once more.


The Joujou-Ours and Bedazzled light installations will be on display throughout the entire festival, from 07 to 30 March.

Head down to i Light Marina Bay 2014, to see how light can both illuminate our lives and touch our hearts.

Event details

Venue: Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade
Date: 7 – 30 March 2014
Operating Hours: 7.30pm – 11.00pm
Admission Fee: Free


Details as kindly shared by OSRAM/Traxon and Waggener Edstrom.


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