Photos: Impromptu visit to i-Light Marina Bay

As per the title, an impromptu visit to i-Light Marina Bay on Tuesday and a burger dinner too, at the Pasar Bella at MBS… 😀

Just some photos from the iPhone, the rest are still in my HX50v:

– A8: #WeHeartLight

A big heart installation, with loads of love related photos / images…
And of course, a good number of couples having their photos taken and some taking selfies.


– A14: The Pool

The pool of disc lights, lighting up when you step or jump on it…
And a particular disc will change its overall colors, if you happened to find / step on it 😀

Loads of fun for the young and old~
But do take note, try not to wear heels and step / jump on it.
It can be a little too smooth for the shoes to grip / might cause you to slip.


Will be going down again with friends for more exhibits / installations and photos 😀