News: Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective on Thrill, from 20 March 2014

For the Korean movie, tv fanatics or regular tv series watching consumers, if you have been wondering what new series are available to catch / watch…
How about one of the most highly-anticipated Korean series of 2014, Cheo Yong: The Paranomal Detective?


It will be premiering first and exclusively on Thrill.
Starting 20 March (tonight), every Thursday at 10pm on StarHub Cable TV Channel 618 and SingTel mioTV Channel 415.

Plot (as seen online):
Detective Yoon Cheo-Yong (Oh Ji-Ho) was born with a supernatural ability to see and hear ghosts. He solves mysterious cases with female detective Ha Sun-Woo (Oh Ji-Eun) and female high school student ghost Han Na-Young (Jun Hyo-Seong).

In short…
It should comes with the good looking actors and actresses, a little scary / paranormal / spookiness and investigation / detective work for a tv series 😛
And maybe there’ll be a love story somewhere.

Do catch it on Thrill tomorrow night 🙂
If you don’t have Pay TV subscription, probably will have to wait till the DVDs are out.

For more on the series:

Details as shared by Thrill and SPRG.


Unlike most US or UK series, not much sites with synopsis or plot i can refer / read up on…
But it does sound like an interesting tv series to follow.

Gotta check if I’ve subscribed to the channel or do a last min channel subscription 😛