News: Cherry Credits launches Million Arthur for SEA

Leading game publisher Cherry Credits today announced the launch of the English version of Million Arthur, mobile gamers and anime fans can look forward to a delightful myriad of card illustrations in a game which boasts a captivating storyline.

“Mobile games are growing in popularity as consumers become increasingly dependent on their mobile phones and tablets. At Cherry Credits, we make it a point to bring the best gaming options to our gamers, giving them choices of games across all platforms. With its stunning illustrations and fantasy story, we are excited to bring Million Arthur in its first English version to our players in Southeast Asia,” says Addison Kang, Vice-President of Shanda Games International.

Built by a stellar team comprising a famous novelist, composer and various well-known artists, Million Arthur revolves around the folklore surrounding King Arthur and the Excalibur. The plot is written by Japan’s famous light novelist Kazuma Kamachi, and music for the game is composed by popular musician Maeyamada Ken’ichi, otherwise known as Hyadain. Illustrations for the game were put together by a team of more than 50 acclaimed artists including Kiyotaka Haimura and Miho Takeoka.

To play the game, players assume the role of Arthur, seeking to become King. To do this, they need to create a team of the strongest knights by exploring maps or winning in battles to win cards with the ultimate goal of forming a better and stronger deck. The more each character levels up, the more stories will be unlocked, revealing a change in the rate of advancement and the attractiveness of the character. However, players also need to beware of faeries along the way, which they can fight in individual battles, or even team up with their friends to conquer the faeries.

When it was launched in Japan, Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur took Japan by storm, achieving first place in ranking, and moving on to conquer both the Chinese and Korean Markets. The Chinese version of the game rose to third in= rankings within the first eight hours of its release. The Southeast Asian edition of the game is the first English edition of the game worldwide.

Million Arthur is produced by Square Enix, developed by PlayPieGames and published by Cherry Credits.

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Details as shared by Cherry Credits & Cohn & Wolfe.