Thoughts: UE MINI BOOM

As shared in previous Feb post, Logitech introduced the UE MINI BOOM which is a major upgrade from the predecessor, UE Mobile Boombox.
And earlier in March, I received not one but two MINI BOOM review units from Ultimate Ears, for a double up usage and feel.


Here are photos of the UE Mini BOOM:

– in Red and Green

– UE Mini BOOM stacked

– top and back of UE Mini BOOM

– Instructions / Guide and USB cable

– MINI BOOM app screens, app is available on iTunes and Google Play.


ย Likes:
– Color: Still as vibrant and stylish as ever, comes in 3 color (black / red / green)
– Design: Not a lot of difference to its predecessor in terms of exterior look, still sporting a rubber-like external cover but felt a lot smoother to the touch. Simplified layout of buttons and ports were positioned as on the predecessor (Mobile Boombox).
– Wireless: Aside from Bluetooth connectivity, users are able to connect to it with their NFC devices and control the MINI BOOM, with a dedicated app that is available on iTunes and Google Play. It worked great with my iPhone 4s and Xperia Z, no connection break throughout the whole 5 hours while at work (only stopped when the battery was flat, since I didn’t charge to the max the day before).
– Sound: The PR team was right, I was pleasantly surprised by its more bass-y and crystal clear sound… and of course shocked, by the sound produced at near max volume, which literally made me jumped / panic a little. It did proved to much better in sound, as per what I recalled for the Mobile Boombox and packed more bass or ‘kick’ than the cuter, portable X100.
– Stereo Sound: Stereo sound was easily achieved by having two MINI BOOM and controlled by its dedicated app, it does have that ‘WOW’ effect even at a lower / mid volume, while at work.
– Charging: Still using microUSB port, which can be easily found or used with most Android OS phones.

– Weight: For its weight, it’ll be more suitable for indoor or on my desk for daily usage than be stuffed into bag and going places with me ๐Ÿ˜›


The MINI BOOM retails at S$129.00 each, a S$20 cheaper than its predecessor while packing a lot more ‘punch’ and bass to its small little ‘body’.
Good for those who love to play bass-filled music or require something LOUD enough, while pair-able as stereo to fill the room / home with music ๐Ÿ™‚

But if you prefer something that is even lighter in weight and still producing clear sound, do check out the Logitech X100 Mobile Speaker.