Self: The Proposal

Okay, after writing I’ll talk about the proposal and… ‘sitting on it’ for almost a week, contemplating how and what to include…

Here’s the simplified, summarized version of the proposal that happened during our Fairmont Hotel staycation.


Let’s just start straight from the buffet dinner at Cafe Swiss, during the staycation.

We were half way through dinner when the bf did a disappearing act, for a good 8 minutes or so (he timed himself apparently *grin*). Mom and I were puzzled by his disappearance and wondering where he went, Dad simply pointed out that he might be in the loo, so we left it as that.

But… once we got back to the room, after parting ways with my folks.
This was what I saw and what he, my silly but sweet guy did, during that 8 minute disappearance:

– rose petals with our initials

Him being the usual joker and out to disturb me, tried proposing with a cutie ring:

– heart shaped button ring

Which of course rendered a ‘no’ from me, just to tease him back 🙂



He came very prepared, dug out the ring box from his bag, got on one knee…
Did the speech that made me teared…

And between the tearing and grinning, I said yes 🙂

– mixed bouquet he got me earlier in the day, from Far East Flora and the Centre of My Heart ring from ORRO


I used to wish for a grand and super over-the-top proposal but that was when I was much much younger and extremely clueless about the future & financial burdens.
Age and reality helped tweaked that mindset in a good way and ensured that we are not controlled by a marketing gimmick & its pricing.

Glad that it’s exactly what I hope for, an intimate but simple proposal with a non-crazily priced compressed rock.
The ring from ORRO is gorgeous, unique design and he got the fit right~

Thanks love~


That… is the end of the dating chapter and on to a new one.
Chapters on engagement, wedding planning and of course a house / home together.

Oh and just for the record, it was the 3rd try, hehee.
First try was on 15 Feb and second try, was the heart shaped button ring 🙂

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