News: Take the A5000 Challenge with Sony

Sony is inviting all fans to participate in the A5000 challenge, where their digital imaging knowledge will be put to the test in a series of trivia questions and mini games, to win up to 120 exciting prizes in total from Sony!

The top three winners from each country will each receive a brand new A5000, the world’s lightest interchangeable lens digital camera with built in Wi-Fi and NFC. (Wow, nice! :D)

To join the contest, participants will have to race against the clock and get their head in the game to answer 10 fun and interesting questions about the A5000 camera. Players with the highest scores and fastest timings will be able to win for themselves one of the 120 attractive prizes from Sony.

For the player ranked first, he/she will receive a A5000 and Dual Lens Kit, together with a limited edition Alpha premium pack. The second and third ranked players will receive the A5000 and Single Lens Kit, also bundled with the limited edition Alpha premium pack. Players who want to beat their personal scores and challenge themselves for something higher are given a new try each week during the span of the contest using bonus points earned during the game.

Fans who are interested to participate in the contest can do so through the Facebook page at, or at the following challenge’s URL: The contest will run for one month, from 31st March 2014 to 28th April 2014.


Details as kindly shared by Sony Electronics Asia Pacific and Waggener Edstrom.

Do pit against others with your speed, knowledge on the A5000 and hope you win a good prize!
Best of luck! 🙂