Thoughts: First Look and feel of Sony a6000

An intimate gathering was held at Maison Ikkoku Bar, for a few techies and bloggers to learn more, have a feel of the Sony a6000 and of course, meet and chat with the Sony team.


Some photos of the a6000 and bar, taken with an iPhone (which is mostly for comparison):


And, here are the sample photos from a6000:

– a6000 in black

– trying out the 11 FPS while the bartender was doing his magic

– food shot, with bokeh.

– food shot, bokeh and macro

– food shot, vivid

– food shot, macro

– silver and black a6000

– HCM effect

– HCM effect, shifu and Justin


Okay, I admit, I didn’t read up much on its specifications before the gathering.

I was overwhelmed when I saw the shortcut buttons/ controls and various settings but thankfully that cleared during the ‘learn about’ session and when friends explained how it works. But… that meant, it has been very long since I’ve done proper photography or try any photography techniques with a dSLR or micro 4/3 or anything that isn’t point & shoot (oops. self pwned).

Self guilt aside, the all-rounder Sony a6000, with certain combined specification and features of a dSLR and micro 4/3, has somehow renewed my interest in photography and the want for BBB (buybuybuy). Had a fun time trying out the HCM effect, after seeing how nice it looked when shifu and Justin was playing with it.

Of course, that’s not all to it.

Users are able to purchase apps to enhance their shooting experience on the a6000 (and other compatible cameras) on PlayMemories, such as with Time Lapse, Multi Exposure and Motion Shots. And hopefully as suggested by Justin Lee, there will be a bundle pack / deals for users for new users to try out.

Well, I would like to give it an overall test soon.
Hopefully it will be soon and as always, I’ll share on the results.


The Sony a6000, has a suggested retail price of S$849.00 (body only).
It’s compatible with E-Mount lenses, great as an upgrade for existing Sony users.

For specifications and more details:


4 thoughts on “Thoughts: First Look and feel of Sony a6000

  1. NIce! Thanks for writing this article. Coincidentally I’m researching for a new camera since I accidentally dripped some ice cream on it recently. Now the shutter wont open and close properly -_-“

    1. No problem 🙂

      I was so tempted by it and thought it will be good to share the photos, how well it did and the meet up.

      I see, perhaps it’s time to consider an upgrade? 😛

      The pricing isn’t too far off a proconsumer compact but still pack enough features when compared to a dSRL and give a run for their money.

      But kit lens will not be ideal, the Carl Zeiss lenses will be a better investment and for longer term usage.

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