News: Neo Garden Catering Celebrates Mothers with ‘I Love My Mum’ Digital Campaign

In celebration of the International Year of the Family 2014, Neo Garden Catering, celebrates Mother’s Day and the vital role that mothers play through its ‘I Love My Mum’ photo campaign.
The campaign will launch on 26 April 2014 (this Saturday), from 4pm to 7pm along Orchard Road.

– as seen on Neo Garden FaceBook page

This campaign aims to collect 1,000 snapshots of children showing appreciation to their mothers during this weekend’s campaign and including participation from various schools & students across Singapore. Through this photo moment, the initiative is to create a simple yet powerful shared experience for both the parent and the child to connect with each other.

Neo Garden hopes to encourage more children to show acts of appreciation to their mother through loving gestures like hugs and kisses or words of affirmation such as ‘Thank you Mum, I love you!’. These affectionate gestures seem small, but works in a significant way for strong and lasting ties of kinship.


The Singapore Kindness Movement is supporting this campaign with volunteers and will gift of its signature yellow gerbera daisy for each mother-child pair that comes forward to participate in the call for photos.

To participate, members of publics / participant may upload a picture of them with their mothers on NeoGroupSG’s Facebook page, as well as share their photos on Instagram using the hashtag – #NGILOVEMYMUM. The top 5 photos with the most “Likes” will each win a mini buffet set sponsored by Neo Garden Catering.

Members of the public who are interested to volunteer for the street event on 26 Apr event can sign up via the SG Cares Portal (


And to add, Neo Garden will launch a special $128 Mothers’ Day mini party set for children and family to appreciate / celebrate with their mothers on the Mothers’ Day weekend, 10-11 May 2014, over a meal and spending quality time together, at home.

For more details, do head over to Neo Garden Catering website (party set pdf here) or contact them (link here).


Campaign details as shared by Neo Garden Catering and SPRG.