News: Be Moved by all that Sony offers at 313 Somerset!

Sony Electronics announced the opening of its largest flagship store in Southeast Asia, located in the 313@somerset mall. Situated right in the heart of Singapore’s premier shopping belt in Orchard Road, the Sony Store 313@somerset covers an expansive floor space of 9,902 square feet for an unprecedented shopping experience.

The Sony Store 313@somerset presents a brand new concept that embodies the “One Sony” vision, by bringing together all that Sony Electronics, Sony Mobile, Sony Pictures, Sony Music and Sony Computer Entertainment can offer under one roof. It also provides the ideal environment for Sony to showcase the latest and most innovative technology the company has to offer, thanks to the store’s captivating visual displays as well as state-of-the-art activity hubs and display areas that will complement the exceptionality of Sony’s products.


In lieu of the launch of the Sony Store 313@somerset, Sony is introducing its latest range of BRAVIA 4K and Full HD TVs that will astound consumers with their excellent picture and audio quality. Selected models come with advanced display technologies, such as X-tended Dynamic Range PRO and TRILUMINOS display, which will bring images on screen to life. Several models also feature the new innovative “Wedge” structure – a form factor which allows added capacity for a larger speaker and a smaller pedestal size all in one smart design.

Bringing more good news to the table, Sony is also launching its latest home cinema line-up, which includes three new Blu-ray Disc™ Home Cinema Systems that will expand your world of entertainment. The new models will feature Multi-channel 5.1 surround sound, filling the room with each explosion and crescendo, as if you’re right there in the heart of the moment. Furthermore, Sony has announced a bevy of High-Resolution Audio products, which will provide consumers with better-quality and more enjoyable listening experiences. Not to be missed is also the brand new Xperia T Ultra, which brings to consumers the next evolution in large-screen smartphone design.

The new Sony Store 313@somserset is now open to the public and operates daily from 10am to 10pm.

Sony Store, 313@Somerset
313 Orchard Road, #02-28/37
Singapore 238895


Details as kindly shared by Sony Electronics and WE.

Head down to check out, have a feel or hands on the latest gadgets if you are tempted or curious on their latest products~
I like the idea of a one-stop shop and with a convenient area for photography workshops, that saves time 🙂

Now, I’m just waiting and hoping the Sony Smartband SWR10 comes in soon before heading down 😀
Update (23 May 2014):

Headed down last Friday, to check out the Sony Days 2014 promo, try on the SWR10 (love it but I need to change to a latest model phone or wait for the OS update) and placed order for a replacement cable for my NWZ-273. It really is a one-stop shop, with specific areas for photography workshop, camera products test shooting, mobile and tablet area and Bravia TV entertainment zone.

Slight problem I had, I wasn’t sure how to grab the staff attention…
They seemed hurried or rushing around the spacious floor area to help whoever they managed to see / spot.

Guess that’s the down side of having too much floor space, heh 😛