Event/Thoughts: The New Dyson Cool

Attended an event held at Yeo’s Workshop (Gillman Barracks) last week, to learn and experience the latest Dyson Cool models.


– balloon looping with the new Dyson Cool fans.

As shared by Dyson, their new Dyson Cool™ fan is now up to 75% quieter while maintaining powerful airflow. All because of Dyson’s constant improvement on the Dyson Cool range, spending S$80m on research and development to retain high performance while lowering the noise produced.

Here’s a look of the internal structure, which Dyson provided for a closer look:

– the chip / board, helmholtz cavity and all the way to the flow path.

– sound test with the old model and new Dyson Cool

Compared to the older models, the new Dyson Cool fans are now up to 75% quieter due to a larger space in the base, reducing airflow obstruction. We had the chance to listen and judge for ourselves and it was true, the older model was buzzing a little much but the new Dyson Cool was quiet enough, to make me double check if it was on.

Next, let’s look at the Air Multiplier Technology.
Air is drawn in by an energy-efficient, brushless motor, creating and projects powerful, smooth, high velocity airflow. And instead of drawing in air from the top that is usually warmer, it draws in cooler air with the vent near base of fan. If you would like to see how that works, do head over to Lester’s post on Dyson Cool, he had included the demo video.

And now the new models comes with a remote control and sleep timer, you can set one of ten airflow settings, set the time (up to nine hours) and go to sleep as the fan projects air to cool down the room while you rest. The remote is part magnetic, so if you are worried that you’ll misplace it, place it on the top of your Dyson Cool fan and it’ll stick / stay in place. (note: it’s only magnetic at the top and center of the fan. if you wonder if it sticks on the sides, I assure you that it doesn’t. I’ve tried doing so on available models).

And as always , due to its simple blade-less design and smooth surface area, the Dyson Cool™ fans are safe and easy to clean, with a damp cloth, wiping the exterior built and air flow vent of the Dyson Cool.
No more dismantling fan parts for cleaning, yay! (really, it can be quite a chore or pain to dismantle, wash and fix it back).

Best sum up the features on the new Dyson Cool fans (as seen on Dyson website):


As for availability, the new Dyson Cool series / range is now available.

Retail Price – from S$399 to S$799 (including GST).

AM06 Desk Fan

  • 25cm (Iron/Blue) – S$399
  • 25cm (White/Silver) – S$399
  • 30cm (Black/Nickel) – S$499
  • 30cm (White/Silver) – S$499

AM07 Tower Fan

  • Black/Nickel – S$799
  • White/Silver – S$779

AM08 Pedestal Fan

  • Iron/Blue – S$699
  • White/Silver – S$699

Each unit comes with two year parts and labor guarantee.

Just an additional bit of info…
If you require a replacement remote, due to various reasons (e.g. kids played and hid it, pets chewed on it… etc), it is available at S$28 per piece.

For more information please visit: http://www.dyson.com.sg/.
Or head down to an electronic store, e.g. Best Denki, to check it out.


 Thanks Lester and Dyson Singapore for the invite.

Will add the Dyson fan to our ‘to-get’ list, for our new home 😀