Thoughts: LG Pocket Photo 2.0 (PD239)

With enhanced photography abilities on our daily gadgets (e.g. mobile phones and tablets), we sometimes wonder if we could have it printed out and share during gatherings immediately than just share a digital copy on social media.

When LG announced its latest model with enhanced features / specifications, I requested for a review unit to do just that (print out and share).

LG was nice to send the LG Photo Photo 2.0 in pink, with 2×30 photo papers, for me to try out:

– LG Photo Photo 2.0, with Photo Paper and Photo Sticker Paper (30 piece each).

– Close up of the top indicators and button.

– Side switches and charge point, On/Off switch, microUSB point and reset button. (Note: each printer is packed with a USB wall plug & microUSB cable)

– Some of our many print outs, from our various trips and random snap shots.


Here are my likes/dislikes on it:


  • Design / Feel: A simple, functional design that ensures the photo papers are churn out as it should, with straight forward buttons and indicator lights to ease usage process. Flicking the On switch, locks the photo paper compartment too, so less worry cross issue. Fits comfortably on hand with no sharp angles, good for kids to handle / play with.
  • Paper: No ink packs necessary, since it uses Zink photo paper, requiring zero ink. Photo papers comes in a pack of 30s or 60s, they are packed into smaller packs of 10sheets in each box, be it for normal or sticker paper.
  • Charging / Battery: A full charge takes about 90mins with a microusb cable, so it will usually be fully charged while you get ready for an outing / gathering and each full charge allows users to print up to 30 pieces of photos. That’s an increase from its predecessor, which could only print 20 pieces.
  • APP: The dedicated and free app (Pocket Photo) made it more fun to do print outs – allowing customized borders for individual photos or a collage, adding filters to give or enhance photos a different feel like we do on instagram or adding QR codes to add personal data or social media linkups. But if you only require it to print passport photos with slight light / contrast changes, it works well too with the given formats.
  • Format: Unlike its predecessor, it now accepts 2 formats – JPEG and PNG.
  • Photo Quality: Decent for a instant print, rather close to what you’ll see from a instax photo or casual home printer print out.
  • Connectivity: I like how easy it is to connect via Bluetooth and NFC with my iPhone, Xperia Z (Android), fiance’s Redmi (Android) and iPad. On the iPhone / iPad and Redmi, a quick search via Bluetooth to detect and connect. On Xperia Z, switching on the NFC, lightly tap the Photo Photo and it’ll direct you to the dedicated app’s download page or to the app itself (if you had downloaded it).
  • Print job: Per piece takes about 60sec to print and up to 04 print job in queue at one time.
  • Portability: It’s a few grams heavier than its predecessor but still within the 200gram range. Wouldn’t take much effort to bring it out 🙂


  • Feel: Well, to keep it lightweight, a plastic body is unavoidable. I would prefer a little more metallic feel but of course, that’s my personal preference. It will be good if a carrying case could be made available for users.
  • APP: It takes a couple of minutes to load up or go through / consolidate all the albums (or perhaps 15k worth of photos on 1 phone is a bit too much, oops :X), wonder if the developer could make the consolidation or read even faster…
  • Photo Quality: Oddly, a handful of our photos came out with a hue more of red or yellow. As it’s a casual print, it’s not a big issue for me and I do like filtered / instagram feel photos. But for users who are looking to purchase it for exact color print outs, you might not like it that much.
  • Auto Power Off: After around 10-15mins of no usage, it auto power off to conserve energy. You’ll need to flick the switch to turn it back on, reconnect / relink via Bluetooth before you can continue to send print job.


The LG Photo Photo 2.0 is retailing at LG authorized retailers for S$229.

The Zink Media Photo Paper comes in following options:
– 30 paper sheets and 90 paper sheets at S$15 and S$40 respectively.
– 30 sticker sheets retails for $18.

App link:
– Google Play: LG Pocket Photo
– iTunes: LG Pocket Photo


For something this compact and lightweight, it does as it should and perhaps more with its enhancement.
The fiance and I like the how compact it is, had a good time testing it and customizing our prints while my team mates find it awesome to use the dedicate app for customizing and print out their favourite photos so quickly 🙂

Though the pricing is a little on the high side, I do find it a worthy accessory for casual gathering print outs, art & crafting with kids, scrap-booking and everything else one could do personalizing on.
I know there are quite a few online sites providing the Photo Photo 2.0 at an even more competitive price (while locally, the retailers are selling cheaper for the Zink photo papers). If you are able to find the Photo Photo 2.0 at a lower rate, I recommend you get one and have fun printing and personalizing gift items 🙂

As for the Zink photo papers, you’ll get a better deal from the local authorized retailers.


Lastly, many thanks to LG Singapore for the unit loan, photo papers and SPRG for arranging.

Oh, do pardon the attached slightly pixel-ed photos above…
It was taken with my iPhone 4s with dim room light.