News: Sony to engage in Group-wide CSR initiatives leading up to FIFA World Cup 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 is happening later today (early morning for Singapore), a few of my friends are in Brazil for the opening game!
And I hope you are ready for it! 🙂

Though I’m not a fan of soccer / football but that doesn’t mean I can’t share on related initiatives and services that Sony will be doing, for this tournament… And here are the writeups as shared by Sony 🙂


As part of its corporate social responsibility as a global company, Sony is engaged in various efforts to support children around the world and help shape a better, more sustainable community.

Leading toward the tournament, Sony is continuing these efforts through the following initiatives/programs:

– “Dream Goal 2014” program:

Sony is implementing the two projects below in collaboration with FIFA and streetfootballworld gGmbH to benefit children in a total of 12 countries in Central and South America, including the tournament host country Brazil, together with Africa, and other countries and regions. (For details please refer to the “Dream Goal 2014” site)

– “Street Football Stadium”: This project will provide mobile stadiums and educational workshops that aim to build leadership and dialogue skills through football, to more than 14,000 children. The workshops will start with those regularly scheduled to take place during a 46-day event organized by streetfootballworld in Rio de Janeiro, starting June 5th continue to be used in the field of local education, even after the tournament is over.

− “Siyakhona Media Skills”: In partnership with FIFA, this project supports young leaders in 11 countries with media skills training programs using Sony products, while also providing them with the opportunity to share their visual message to the world.

Both projects connect communities in need of support with the global community, through designs and photographs via the “One Stadium” portal site.


And aside from the above CSR initiatives…

On 4K:

FIFA will produce the Official FIFA 4K Film, packed with highlights of the best action from the tournament. FIFA will film one match from the round of 16, one quarter-final and the final using Sony’s professional 4K recording
equipment. Sony will be providing extensive technical support to FIFA, and has developed a dedicated 4K live production system to be used at the tournament.

Prior to the completion of the Official Film, Sony will offer its customers the opportunity to view promotional trailers of the Official Film on Sony 4K-compatible BRAVIATM LCD TVs, featuring action from selected matches, all in stunning 4K/60P resolution. Visitors to stadiums and Official FIFA Fan Fest events in Brazil will be able to enjoy the promotional trailers of the Official Film at any one of the ten commercial display booths Sony will be setting up at these venues, while customers around the world will also be able to engage in this 4K experience at approximately 20,000 Sony showrooms and retail outlets worldwide.

In addition to 4K, Sony will also be supplying FIFA with an extensive range of HD production and broadcast equipment, including approximately 300 cameras. These will be used to film every game of the tournament for global distribution in HD.

Digital and Social network services:

In addition to conventional ways of enjoying football, such as watching the games at the stadium or on TV and other media networks, Sony will offer a new, interactive World Cup experience where people can join in the excitement of this tournament through various network services.

– The “One Stadium” Portal web site:

Sony has launched “One Stadium” (, a portal website to serve as a global hub for communication on football, that offers an array of projects and content such as access to the aforementioned “SuperSong” contest.

Maximizing the possibilities offered by the online community space, Sony is aiming to bring people together across all borders, to share their passions and inspirations through projects including:

− The “One Stadium Live” social networking site: Sorts and offers the latest and popular football topics from Twitter etc. for easy reference.
− The “Fan Ambassador” reports: Fans representing 11 countries will be stationed in Brazil, ready to upload on-site action.
− The “UNITED” photo contest: A spin-off photo contest of the world’s largest photographic contest “Sony World Photography Awards,” themed on “football” is scheduled to start the day before the tournament.
− Further projects include interviews with artists featured on the Official Album and collaborations with Sony’s social news reader app, “Socialife News”.

– Collaboration with “FIFA Interactive World Cup”:

As an official FIFA partner, Sony is also bringing new ways of enjoying football to the online gaming community through the FIFA Interactive World Cup (“FIWC”), organized by FIFA. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (“SCE”) and Electronics Arts Inc. are presenting partners of the FIWC, which is the world’s largest online gaming tournament. FIWC uses PlayStation® as its official game console, and online elimination games are played utilizing the PSN network service on PlayStation®. This tournament is the only one of its kind in FIFA’s event portfolio which gives football fans all over the world the chance to compete in a FIFA World Cup tournament.

More than 2.5 million PlayStation® users worldwide participated in last year’s tournament, each competing for the honor of becoming the world champion. The FIWC 2014 has been in progress since October of last year, and the Grand Final will be held in Rio de Janeiro during the actual World Cup tournament.


Press release as shared by Sony and WE.