Photos: Performance Night of BornFire 2014

Thanks to Hui Ying and her team mates for the invite, I was able to check out performances by determined, well-trained and talented individuals / groups, local and overseas at Kallang CC.

Haven’t had time to go through all of the photos but here are some cropped photos, from ISO 4000 to ISO 12800, taken with the Sony A6000 and 16-70mm lens review unit, in a near dark event hall:





Hope I’ll be free during their 2015 event, to attend and watch performers work their magic.
But first… more training at night / event shooting and bring better gears (if i’m not that lazy / nua) out… 😀

For more details and event photos / videos by their event photographer and videographer of BornFire 2014, check out their Facebook Page –> Bornfire.