News: Sony Launches Limited Edition Colours for NWZ-W273S Waterproof Walkman

Sony announced two new stunning limited edition colours for its waterproof Walkman NWZ-W273S, and they are – Premium Black and Premium Red.

Designed to complement the outfit of any fashion-savvy individual, the NWZ-W273S also fits perfectly in your ears, while featuring a unique wireless design. The all-in-one digital music player also functions in any environment due to its waterproof features. Whether you’re listening to your favourite tunes outdoors in hot weather, taking it along for a run, or even for a dip in the pool, the NWZ-W273S will continue to function without missing a beat.

The new NWZ-W273S comes with a 4GB capacity that can store a vast library of music, and delivers up to eight hours of audio playback on a full charge of 1.5 hours. Perfect for wearers who are always rushing to different locations, offering a convenient quick-charge function that ensures up to 60 minutes of non-stop music playback with just three minutes of charge time, even if the battery is fully depleted.

The NWZ-W273S Limited Edition Walkman® will be available in Singapore at all Sony stores and authorised outlets from mid-July at the recommended retail price of S$129.


Surely I don’t need another one as I have the White/Pink model and got a replacement cable.
But it’s so pretty… in premium red.

Darn temptation and… ebil ebil Sony 😛

**Information and visuals as shared by Sony Electronics Asia Pacific and WE.