Photos: The Cat Cafe @ Bugis

Months past since news of a 2nd cat cafe in Singapore. The Cat Cafe officially opens today! Ready for cat lovers and cafe hoppers to visit 🙂

Glad the fiancé and I purchased the preopening tickets and visited the place, for some photos snapping before it gets busy 🙂



Located on the 3rd level, above Burger King at Bugis Village (opposite Bugis Junction), it’s a cozy place for kitties to call home and cat lovers to chill.


Once entered, refreshments are sold at the counter and if you choose to spend time with the kitties, the entrance fee is at 15sgd per pax (no time limit, which is something I like) and covers 01 soft drinks (if you want to change to a hot drink, please check with the staff, might have extra charges).

Like other cat cafés I’ve been to, customers will be briefed on rules of the cafe. As usual, no rough handling of cats, disturbing or waking them up from sleep, photography is fine without flash. Change into slippers, sanitize your hands and you are ready, for your time with the kitties.

There are around 12-13 of them. One or two more dominating but the rest are more friendly / shy / bo chup. And here are some snapshots:






The kitties seemed relaxed and okay with the massive amount of attention. If you would like their undivided attention, try getting some cat treats at the counter (when asked and shared by friendly staff / owner, they use tempered glass bowls instead as it’ll be less harmful for the kitties compared to plastic containers).

As for the food and coffee, our latte and hot chocolate is between 5 – 7sgd. The Belgian Waffles w/icecream is at 7sgd. Taste wise, the waffles were pretty okay, seemed like the pre-done type. Latte was smooth and less coffee-strong in taste, a little different from what I’m used to but still decent.


Having visited both cat cafés in sg, i would preferred a more unhurried and spacious place to spend quality time with the kitties (esp. when we know it takes a while for some kitties to warm up to strangers).

Well, time to plan a revisit with friends 🙂 Hope it will remain an unhurried and relaxing place for kitties and us.

Photos taken with iPhone 4s.

For more details, do check out their facebook page:

4 thoughts on “Photos: The Cat Cafe @ Bugis

    1. Oh nope, they have their own resident kitties… Plus house cats don’t necessary do well in new environment.

      It’s more of a petting area with cafe, especially good for those who can’t own cats but love them. For those who own cats, more like a chill out and fun place 🙂

    1. I was there around 3pm and stayed till almost 7pm. A few of the cats were awake at 3pm, more lethargic but responsive, others are more awake around 5pm (based on previous visit) and feeding time, around 6pm.

      Perhaps you could drop by around 4pm and stay till 7pm, as it goes by per entry.

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