News: AXA Redefines Car Insurance in Singapore with its customisable product offering – “SmartDrive”.

As shared earlier this week, AXA Insurance Singapore announced the launch of the new customisable product offering under car insurance “SmartDrive”, which will allow customers to pick and choose coverage to meet their needs. Singapore was selected as the first Asian AXA entity to launch this new product.

“Previous research conducted by AXA showed clearly that customers from various segments were looking for very different benefits. We recognised that everyone is different, and we all have our own unique and different needs. So why not provide the highest flexibility and customisation to SmartDrive, and allow everyone to have the freedom to pick and choose and pay for only the benefits they need! As one of the leading motor insurers in Singapore, we are proud to revolutionise the way we offer customers protection for their vehicles. We believe this will change the way car insurance is sold and bought today.” said Mrs Doina Palici-Chehab, Chief Executive Officer of AXA Insurance Singapore.

The new “SmartDrive” product offering is now specially designed to cater to various age groups and lifestyles of car users. On top of choosing from plans such as “Essential” and “Essential Plus”, plans are also customisable for female drivers, families, and drivers who prefer flexibility of benefits.

Subsequently, customers can select from a set of bundled add-on benefits (‘Pack’) or ala-carte add-ons according to their individual needs and price points. Add-on benefits range from Courtesy Cars to Personal Accident Benefits for Drivers, Breakdown Assistance, and even an add-on to cover their car accessories. Please see Annex A for the full breakdown of plans, packs and add-ons for “SmartDrive”.

Mrs Palici-Chehab said, “With SmartDrive, we are bringing the focus on our customer to a new level as it allows us to cater to their individual needs. They will also benefit from better value, as they no longer have to pay for benefits they do not want or need.”

More information about “SmartDrive can be found at or by calling 1800 880 4888.


I’m not a driver, I only ride shotgun on the fiance’s car and had seen or almost got into a few near accidents, caused by a handful of weird / blur drivers who can’t seem to signal or decide where they wanna go or do a E-Stop on an expressway. And seeing how some friends happened to get into some accidents due to such drivers, it’s clear to why insurance is important as the cost of repairs can be rather high.

Like the visuals above, there are those who’d rely on the car for work purposes or go on regular road trips with family or only drive during weekends, these are the people who would need different coverage to minimize issues on their day to day usage, so being able to customize it for individuals is a good idea.

If you are thinking of getting a car insurance or some coverage for your shared family car, do check out the website or call AXA for more details.

Information and visuals as shared by AXA Singapore.