Photo: Black Box SG – June Black Box

Received my free pack of samples yesterday. Much change since my last black box, as this time round, it came in a plastic pouch with sticked on item details (I still prefer the box, reusable).

Sure it looks different but the samples are still as interesting, as always:


E.g. the Phytokeratine Reparative Shampoo sample (200ml – retails at S$48). Though its name is quite the mouthful, it left a nice scent and my hair un-fizzed. I’ll probably get the full size bottle when current hair care product finishes.

Next is the Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion (30ml – retails $29), an all-in-one lotion for toning / lightening / daily use. I guess for the lazy old me, it’s something I can work with / use, without dreading the daily beauty routine.

Didn’t get to try the Sexy Duo 3D Duo Lifting (a box of 5 – retails $8.80) but Mom found it good, especially for the neck portion and lifting feel. Probably might get another box to try.

As for the Darlie toothpaste (200g – retails $3.70), hard to go wrong with this, known brand toothpaste and strong mint.

Lastly, the Tealy Ginger Tea (per box w/15 tea bags – $24) which require self redeem online. That will take a while to reach me, I’ll update on that later.

That’s all I have to share on the samples. Request or find out more on the next Black Box on

Oh, for those who’d wanna use the ToTT discount code (5OFFSTORE), by all means, use mine. But do note, only valid for first online order with minimum $50 purchase and T&C applies (may be for 01 time use only).


Never been much of a beauty / fashion person due to laziness 😛
But due to wedding preparation and upcoming wedding shoot, I’ve been catching up on what’s missed through reading / learning, mostly on skin care and dressing while trying to do make the skin glow and adapt to make up.

Perhaps if we look at this another way, this could also be my feeble attempt to dapper a little into the beauty scene and be a little more feminine? :p