News: Store Your Files On-The-Go With the World’s Slimmest 1TB HDD (HD-S1A) from Sony!

Sony just announced its latest storage product – the sleek and elegant HD-S1A, the world’s slimmest 1TB Portable HDD, the perfect companion for the polished executive who needs a storage device on-the-go.

In line with Sony’s aesthetic of clean, stylish and eye pleasing designs, the HDD is cased with an aluminum hairline finish, and features the signature sparkling diamond-cut Sony logo. And it will fit nicely in your pocket, handbag or laptop sleeve, as it weighs just 155g and as thin as 8.7mm.

Aside from its stunning look and slim-ness, the external HDD provides high usability and security thanks to a host of smart utility software packed into its diminutive size. Password Protection Manager will ensure that your data is protected should the device fall in the wrong hands, while Backup Manager automatically backs up the data stored in your PC and is capable of selective backup of modified or added data.

And with the Data Transfer Accelerator, it enables faster data transfer from the PC by reducing transfer time by half via the USB 3.0 cable.

The new 1TB Slim HDD HD-S1A, will come in two colours, black and silver, for any discerning business professional.
It will be available at all Sony Stores and Sony Centre, from July 2014 at the recommended retail price of S$159.


Aside from the clean look, it’s decent priced as a portable HDD and slim-ness.
It will be great for those working on-the-go or have a love for slim built and aesthetically pleasing products, without adding too much weight / strain for the body 🙂

Seeing that work will soon be more likely hot-desking or mobile, this will go into my ‘to buy’ list 🙂

Information and visuals as kindly shared by Sony Electronics Asia Pacific and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide.