Photo: Detoxing with SkinnyMint

After much research and reading up on blog reviews and not forgetting reading gal friend’s experience with it, decided to order a starter pack to try out.

And here it is, received ytd (within 2-3 days for delivery):



The 14day starter pack cost me around S$38-39 (after conversion, with free delivery). If you’d like to know more, the website is

Had the morning boost during breakfast, a little floral and fruity for smell and light on the tongue / taste. Nice 😀

Hope the evening detox will be as pleasing in taste, not a big fan of ginger :p

Hope it help heaps with my detox / weight loss, while combined with exercises, and keep my energy level up as per what was advertised and reviewed. #daretobegorgeous? lol yeah :p

I’ll update once the whole course is complete~ 🙂

Till then, have a good Sunday everyone!


Update (as of 21 July 2014):

I’ve completed the whole 14 days pack. Aside from a little boo-boo from me and a few feasting sessions (which somehow didn’t managed to change the weight too much), the detox tea worked rather well for me 🙂


I love the morning boost, the taste is really pleasant and refreshing. And having to wake up earlier to boil water and have a cup of it, I got to work earlier than usual, heh.
As for the evening detox tea, the taste took some getting used to, since I’m not a fan of ginger or licorice. After a couple of alternate intakes, drinking it without adding honey is possible but the after taste is a little gingerly.

In case you are wondering what the boo-boo was, I actually took the evening detox consecutively for day 1 & 2 and only realized it when i finished the entire cup… It’s not a big issue, just a little more tummy rumbling and clearing required when morning came.

For those who prefer the numbers (since I don’t have the before/after photos):

Day 1 weight: 62kg

Day 14 weight: 60.8kg

Loss: around 1.2kg (inclusive of exercising / 03 gym session and gradual reducing quantity of carbo intake)
Missing that routine and I can’t wait to start the full pack soon.
But first, a month’s break as recommended by them, I don’t wanna overdo it and it’d be a good time to observe, if the detoxing result will last throughout the break 🙂

It’s a detox tea, not a miracle dieting drink.
For proper and lasting weight loss, exercising and slight change in food intake is required.

And if you have pre-existing medical condition, do consult the GP or your family doctor before trying anything new or over exerting yourself from exercising.


Update (as of 25 August 2014):

Started on the 28 days pack and today is Day 02, shall see if it continues to work as well to detox, after much feasting during my recent HK trip.
Hopefully it’ll do as well as the first test / review 🙂

Update (as of 24 September 2014):
Done with my 28 days pack.
As I shared above, there were much feasting during my HK trip, thus I put back the kilos.

But here is my result after 28 days of SkinnyMint and a few Core and Circuit sessions & Ingress (numbers only, no photos):

Day 1 weight: 62.5kg

Day 28 weight: 59.5kg

Not too bad, seeing how I didn’t majorly changed my food intake, just less carbs and added more walking.
Visible result, I feel… especially with less bloating and a flatter stomach. Or so my colleagues and boss had been telling me 🙂