Concert: Hibiki IV – Where Modern meets Traditional music

Hibiki IV, the fourth edition of an annual Japanese music and culture concert, will take place on 20 July 2014 at 4pm, at the NUS University Cultural Centre.

Organised by Singapore-based music studio Hibikiya and supported by the Japanese Embassy, Japan National Tourism Organization and the Japanese Association, Singapore. Hibiki IV concert will showcase Japanese traditional art by guest performers flown in from Japan, as well as by the different groups in the Hibikiya club.

Performances will include a variety of Japanese cultural music, including a Taiko ensemble, and an array of both wind and string instruments such as the Shinobue and Shamisen. This year, the concert will revolve around the themes of “Tradition meets modernity”, and will see musicians of all ages taking part.

Hibiki IV will feature solo Taiko player, Hiro Hayashida as a special guest to be part of the concert, together with his band. Born in Nagasaki, Japan, Hayashida first joined world renowned Taiko group KODO in 1985 as a member. He quickly gained fame by emerging as a solo performer in 1991 and was invited to perform at international events such as the FIFA World Cup in France. Also participating in the concert this year is the ZingO Festival Drum Group, a prominent Chinese Drum group in Singapore. This is the first time a local performing arts group will be performing as part of Hibiki’s itinerary.

Hibikiya Director, Namiko Sakai hopes to promote the art of Japanese traditional music as well as Japanese culture through conducting workshops and events for the public. She says: “We want to be able to raise the profile of Japanese traditional music in Singapore, and with Hibiki IV, the audience will be able to experience first-hand the unique cultural exchange that we offer. We also hope to be able to connect with the younger crowd and to interest them in Japanese traditions by giving it a modern twist”.

Though Hibikiya is based in Singapore, their roots are never far from its minds. Namiko-san adds: “We wish to bring attention back to Japan, especially to Tohoku, where it was devastated by the tsunami in 2011. We have been providing support to the region, which is steeped in history and culture, and we hope to continue this connection by bringing in even more performers from Tohoku. This year, we have invited Mr. Bunta Sato, an accomplished Shinobue musician from Aomori Prefecture in Tohoku, to join us at Hibiki IV. Hibikiya’s efforts will cumulate in 2016’s Hibiki VI, where we will bring in an entire ensemble from Tohoku. We hope that through our dedicated commitment, the public will be able to regain confidence in the area and start visiting it again”.

Admission is available at S$35/- through Peatix, and $40 at the door.
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If you enjoy, love cultural experiences and free on 20 July (Sunday), do purchase your tickets and head on down and experience this interesting performance.

Information and visuals as shared by Hibikiya and SG Story.