News: SingTel and TOUCH launched Singapore’s First Cyber Wellness Mobile App

SingTel and TOUCH Cyber Wellness launched notAnoobie, Singapore’s first cyber wellness mobile application designed to help parents better understand and protect their children from online risks.

Technology helps to connect people, but it also exposes them, in particular youths, to online risks including inappropriate content and mobile addiction. Two surveys show that six out of 10 youths have experienced a negative situation online such as cyber bullying. notAnoobie helps parents gain deeper insights into their children’s online activity while on-the-go.

The app features the latest on cyber issues, game reviews and real life stories of youths who have overcome their online problems.


Features of notAnoobie – covers six key areas and trends of cyber wellness:

• Problematic gaming

• Mobile technology overuse

• Social media

• Cyber Bullying

• Inappropriate online content

• Protecting one’s personal privacy online


Mr Andrew Buay, Vice President, Group Corporate Social Responsibility, SingTel said: “As a responsible corporate citizen and the market leader in digital and mobile solutions, SingTel is committed to playing a key role in promoting cyber wellness by leveraging our technologies, capabilities and resources.”

“With notAnoobie, we want to equip both young users and parents with the necessary knowledge to manage their digital footprint, protect their privacy and safety, while enjoying the benefits the online world offers,” Mr Buay added.

Besides cyber wellness and online safety, SingTel’s community focus also includes educating children and youth with special needs, supporting and training youth with disabilities for gainful employment, as well as the inclusion and well-being of vulnerable segments of the local community, especially persons with disabilities and seniors.

Contents on notAnoobie are developed by TOUCH’s coaches and counsellors with extensive experience in cyber wellness education and counselling, and SingTel funded the development of the app.


notAnoobie by SingTel and TOUCH is free for download, from the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store for all local mobile users in Singapore.

Links for app download:
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