Video: Football Fouls in Everyday Situations

World Cup 2014 has finally come to an end… and of course, congratulations to Germany team for winning!
For the rest of the teams, 4 years to next try 🙂

Well…I’m still not a fan of soccer and its tournaments, just glad this year’s games were exciting for my friends and everyone was tickled by NCPG ad and having a little fun teasing them. But there’s a good come-back from NCPG, if you have not seen it, here’s the link –> NCPG Banner.

Aside from these, we often hear or read about fouls or injuries during soccer matches and how it could be real or fake for sympathy / penalty… but ever wonder those fouls or injuries might have looked like, in everyday situations?

Here’s a video done by Fourgrounds Films, to show how it would have looked like.

Nicely done and interesting choice of bg music.
It got me laughing till i teared, I guess the only scene missing would be the bite 😀 (correction: fiancé said that the bite scene is there but I didn’t see it, hmm…)


Hope the video helps ease your sleepy Monday!