Thoughts: Hinge for iPad Mini

Thanks to Logitech Singapore and SPRG team, I received the Logitech Hinge for iPad Mini a month ago for keeps. A lovely and timely surprise, especially when I was contemplating if I should get a new iPad Mini case since it is with me everyday and the ‘casing’ was in need of a good scrub / wash.

Retails at S$89.00, the Hinge will fit the iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina Display.
Reason why it’s named HINGE, is there’s a hidden hinge (d’oh! thus the product name…) on its case,  allowing user to position or bending of the case, up to 50 degree in angle.


Here are photos of  Hinge –  out of the box, bent and standing:

And did you know, all latest Logitech casing comes with EPS (Essential Protection System)?
With the EPS (to protect against bump / scratch / spill), my iPad Mini was well protected from accidental bumps aka chor-lor-ness from me and small amount of water spillage (I’ve said it many times, I’m a rather clumsy and messy person) during our KL trip. And I’m sure it’ll to continue doing so till my Mini ‘RIP’ 😛

If you wonder how it’ll do against water spillage, here’s a photo of water droplets dripped onto it:



– Lightweight: Keeps my iPad Mini light, which is always a plus point.
– Feature: Able to bend to my reading and gaming needs, keeping my Mini protected.
– Material: Fabric used, though polyester, has a more canvas-y look and feel.
– Color: Comes in Grey with Purple and Brown with Beige.

– Interior: The brown case has a lighter interior color and may get dirty or require some light cleaning over time. (As said earlier, clumsy and messy person here… I managed to dirty or stained it with my pen but thankfully managed to get most of the stain out with some eraser rubbing and a little nail polish remover)

Hinge serves its purpose, without adding too much weight and still look stylish.
If we look at its design and features, I feel it’s worth its retail price, for a good accessory protecting my iPad Mini from bumps and light water spillage.

A similar model is available for iPad Air too, if you would like one for your iPad Air. If you prefer something that could handle more “oops, I dropped it again and again” moment, check out Logitech’s Big Bang cases (built with shock absorbent and liquid repellant material).


For more information / product specification:
Hinge Flexible iPad Mini Case

All photos taken with iPhone 4s.