Media Tasting: Highlights from STREET 50 @ Bay Hotel Singapore

Passed by Bay Hotel Singapore numerous times and had seen their dining offers on Groupon, but never gotten about to visit or dine there.
When the media tasting invite was extended to me, it certainly didn’t take long to decide 🙂


Let’s start with a little background of the restaurant and chef…

STREET 50 is Bay Hotel Singapore’s in house restaurant and bar, fairly new restaurant, offering global fusion food such as diverse flavors from Italian, French and American to Vietnamese, Indonesian and Singaporean with an interesting twist.

The kitchen is headed by Chef Ricky, who is classically trained in French cuisine but has also worked on creating Asian cuisine. Food menu includes a delicious assortment of choices, ranging from meats and seafood, Asian selections, gourmet bites to pastas and pizzas.

Our host picked out a good selection from the main menu, for us to share / try out and here they are:

Appetizer: Hazelnut Escargots (Flambe) – 1/2 dozen for SGD14

Thoughts: Lighter in taste, compared to the usual Escargots served with garlic and butter. I liked that it wasn’t too heavy on the taste, while leaving a hint of brandy and hazelnut taste. Good that it was served pre-flambe, for a better photo 🙂

Salad: Smoked Duck with Citrus Fruits – SGD11

Thoughts: To use one word to describe it, it will be – Refreshing. I tend to shun oranges or most citrus fruits, mainly due to my dislike to peel them, I tends to end up with those which are overly sour. But the Smoked Duck with Citrus Fruits salad was a good combination, from the smoked duck which was a little salty but eased by the sweetness from the orange slices and mild sour taste from the grapefruit slices. And for the pricing, if I work near by, I would love to have it at least once a week.


Main: Cajun Chicken w/Pear and Black Bean Churney – SGD18

Thoughts: Tender and juicy spiced chicken, the fries were a little different, slightly harder and starchier but no biggie. As for the churney, our host said that it varies from diners to diners, some might not like it. It turned out quite okay, closer to the traditional sour plum sweet we had when we were kids (as pointed out by Adlena, fellow tasting partner for the night).

Main: TomYum Flair / Pasta – SGD18

Thoughts: Might be a little too mild for those who enjoy spicier food or traditional TomYum taste (for me, the hotter the better) but to cater for the masses, it has to be so. But nothing a few spoon of chili flakes (or chili padi if you like it crazy hot) wouldn’t do. I especially dig how generous they were with the seafood and adding the fried curry leaves added more flavor to the dish.

Main: Lamb Rendang – SGD24

Thoughts: It was the star of the night / tasting for me. Generous in portion and definitely good for the big eaters or for sharing. As for the sauce, it felt closer to a satay sauce base to me, mild in taste at the start but gradually spiced up after few more spoonfuls of it. The lamb was nicely cooked (tender) and my tummy is growling as I writing this. Perhaps the only thing I didn’t quite like, was the slightly burnt, crunchy bread which I supposed, could be a case-to-case thing.


And it would be a pity to end the night without a sweet treat or dessert…

Dessert: Durian Pengat – SGD8

Thoughts: Unique combination of durian in crepe with gula melaka drizzled on it. I enjoyed the flavorful durian puree while being wrapped the thin crepe, leaving a nice and sweet after taste. The gula melaka sauce was a nice touch, complemented the dessert and the diced fruits, cleared much of the jek-lat taste the durian puree could have left. But do bring some breath mints if you are thinking of ordering this while on a date 😛

I think the fiance will want to try this… 😀
Just to add, portions shown in photos are actual serving size for 01 pax and photos are taken with the Sony HX50V.


Affordable, unique twist for food and friendly service staff of STREET 50, will be what brings me back for revisits with friends and family.

For those who are working near by, daily set lunches are available with free parking and their happy hour drinks starts from SGD5, do i hear a YAY! for the social alcoholics? 😀
If you like buffets, you could try out their weekend hotpot buffets from SGD38++.

As for ways to get there, I would suggest parking at Vivocity or taking a bus / train and walk over. Going by taxi might be a little troublesome, as the taxi stand at the back of the hotel, oddly where the reception is as well (level 3), so you’d have to wait a while as there’s only 02 lifts.

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar

(Level 1 of Bay Hotel Singapore)

(Opposite St James Power station)

50 Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098828

Contact: 6818 6681 


Aside from food tasting, it was a good night of fun chatting with the host and dining companion,  chatting and learning more on our industry and various other topics.

And lastly, sincere thanks to STREET 50 / Bay Hotel Singapore and Craft Communication for invite 🙂

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