Photos: Missing the sights and buzz of HK

Back from our week long trip, as a celebration for my birthday and to visit the sights, taste the food in Hong Kong and Macau.




Yup, a year older but still having fun with my love and friends on a daily basis. While there, we covered the usual touristy areas like The Peak and even Studio Ghibli exhibition at HK Heritage Museum… and too, had a good time checking out antics of gamblers in Macau.

Oh, not forgetting Ingressing while we were there, disturbing the other team… :p

But as always, vacations / fun times are short but there will always be plans for revisit 🙂

Already started missing their lovely food with fresh ingredients. Heh…

I’ll share some info on the trip a little later. Gotta go through and post up all the tech related posts first.

Have a good Sunday! 🙂