News: Ultimate Ears Takes UE BOOM Sound Up A Notch With Custom Tuning

For the UE Boom users and/or those who are planning to get a portable, loud but customizable speaker, here are some good news 🙂


Starting today, UE BOOM is rolling out yet another game changing industry first: the ability to custom-tune your UE BOOM.

Simply set the sound using the five-band equalizer in our free UE BOOM App to tweak the mids, highs and lows, and your speaker will remember it. You can now find the perfect sound for your favorite playlist, album or song.

Since its introduction, UE BOOM has been driving innovation in customization forward with industry-defining features that take your music listening experience to the next level, no matter where you go or what you do. For example, if you’re out partying late and looking to take things up a notch, the Sticky Double Up feature ensures that once you sync two UE BOOMs together for the first time, they will remember each other and automatically Double Up the next time they’re powered on.

If all that partying means you were out a little too late and need to make sure you don’t oversleep, the UE BOOM Alarm feature can wake you up to your favorite playlist streaming from iTunes, Spotify or Pandora. And, if you happen to be lucky in love, or just a thoughtful gift giver, we’ve even rolled out a seasonal feature that lets you customize the sound your UE BOOM makes when its turned on with a personal message. It’s the perfect way to show someone you care.

Anyone with their own UE BOOM can easily enable this free new feature – and enjoy the others – by updating their speaker through the Ultimate Ears website and by downloading the latest app for iOS or Android through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

iTunes App Store:
Google Play:


Make your music social, share it at parties or bring it out with UE Boom!
Give it a try at the Comex 2014 NuBox and EpiCentre booth, retailing at S$249.00 with freebies! 🙂

And there are limited edition designs, check them out on UE Boom site.

Information as shared by Ultimate Ears.

Visuals as obtained from both app stores.