News: Singapore host first-ever Asian National Geographic Live series

As part of the Society’s mission to inspire people to care about the planet, National Geographic Live comes to Asia for the first time to present two extraordinary adventurers who will share their amazing stories in an interactive presentation that promises to captivate, enliven, and motivate.

The National Geographic Live’s Singapore series (for starter) features two speakers – David Doubilet and Bryan Smith.

The early talk was by David Doubilet, during late August. The upcoming talk / presentation will be a one night show / presentation by Bryan Smith, an award winning filmmaker, adventurer, and conservationist for the National Geographic Channel who is behind “Extreme Adventure on the Edge: Vertical Feats and the Man Who Can Fly” film.

Here’s the write up on Bryan Smith:

An experienced kayaker who paddled steep rivers in India, Peru, and Russia, Smith was inspired to take up video photography while protesting a hydroelectric dam project that threatened British Columbian rivers. He
quickly developed a knack for creating innovative technical solutions to capture dazzling images – inevitably putting himself and his team at risk to get the shot.

Braving raging white-water in British Columbian rivers; sharing too little space with grizzlies in Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula (where legions of mosquitoes are the other voracious predators to fear); and fulfilling the eternal dream of human flight are all situations and subjects that have absorbed Bryan Smith over the past ten years. As opposed to being a thrill-seeker, Bryan Smith is a deeply creative, conservation-minded, and extraordinarily passionate storyteller who very consciously uses his filmmaking craft to elevate important stories that will invigorate and inspire us to probe our limitations and entertain us in new ways.


For those interested to hear him share his experience and catch his work, here are the event details:

Date: 9 October 2014, Thursday (One-night only show)
Time of Show: 7.30pm (1hour & 10mins show)
Event Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall
Ticket Prices: S$39 & S$49

Event Website:


Information and visual as kindly shared by NatGeo & SPRG.