Thoughts: Logitech X300 Wireless Speaker

Since the trend lately for tech gadgets is to go ‘bigger’, Logitech’s X300 Wireless Speaker fits the trend and caters to consumer needs.

Thanks to Logitech and SPRG for sending me the review unit, I had my fun with the Logitech X300 a couple of weeks back… (sorry for the very late post, was away for a week and came back to much backlogs).


Photos of the Logitech X300:

– Logitech X300 and X100, side by side.

– From the top: Volume (-) / Bluetooth (Sync) / Volume (+)

– Back view: Curved body with On/Off button, audio output and micro USB charge point.

– Although curved but you can set it to stand on the sides nicely.

– From the side: Design wise, looks like chicken wishbone. Material use, similar to X100.


Okay, here are my thoughts on the Logitech X300:


– Ease of use: Similar to the X100, it’s easy to pair on iOS, Android devices and laptops by holding the Bluetooth button for few seconds and search for the X300 on your mobile phone / laptop.
– Sound: Scared the bejeezers out of me when the first song blasted out from the speaker. Loud enough to be heard by colleagues 2 rooms away, not overly bassy but clear and of course, adjustable volume 🙂
– Color: Comes in 3 eye catching colors.
– Charging: Charge away with your PC / laptop or wall plug with the micro-USB cable that comes with it.
– Size: Fits nicely on my work desk, and I can place it anyway I want, be it on its bottom or sides. Still small enough to bring it around for meetings or gatherings.
– Price: At an affordable pricing of S$99.00

– Battery: For its size, I was hoping for a longer battery life but it has the same hours of battery life, as the X100.
– Manual: Same as before, it requires a bit more details to tell non-techie users if the Bluetooth indicator light is required to blink during sync / link or not and other minor queries.

In all, the Logitech X300 Wireless Speaker does as designed, for performance and provide wide range sound and hitting the mid-pricing margin. Rather similar to the Logitech X100 Wireless Speaker, with a less wild color combination. Weighing at just 335g, it’s still portable.


I still prefer my Logitech X100.
Aside from portability and sound, for their wilder color combination 😀