Infograph: Linksys Wireless Literacy Survey Infograph

As shared by Linksys Singapore, they  recently conducted a survey about home networking in Singapore, revealing interesting insights about Wi-Fi usage and Wi-Fi technological awareness. The survey has revealed that even with Singapore’s relatively high level of technological savviness and the adoption of fiber broadband plans, users continue to be dogged by networking issues which affect their online experience.

And here’s the result, in the form of an infograph:




Not sure about you guys but I find myself agreeing with the biggest problems portion, constantly having some dead zones and even wireless extender of other brands, enjoy being cranky with me.

I don’t know if it’s a brand or design issue but the extenders I have, do overheat rather fast and due to that, give me a ton of problem. Having stable internet connection is my main usage concern these days, especially when I just got myself a Chromecast and trying to get it to work, had been a somewhat annoying matter with weak / unstable WiFi.

Probably time to reconsider another brand / system for extenders.