Photos: SingTel IPhone 6 & 6 Plus Sale Launch

Joined some very eager and happy customers of SingTel, at 7am (early this morning) for an experience of the iPhone sale launch and to get a first hand feel of the phone.

As groggy and tired as everyone (at the event) were, everything went smoothly, from registration by having sufficient staff & counters to handle the customers, to the launch moment on stage and coordinating the next batch of customers.

Saw and learnt how much work & coordinating was done while chatting with the corp comm and management team, watched as the first few customers got interviewed by mainstream media, some with luggages which I assumed will be flying off after getting the phone, it was quite the eye opening experience (for me, cos I noob) 🙂

Anyway, here are some unedited photos (taken with iPhone 4S and HX50v from the sale launch:







As I was saying… I wanted a first hand feel of it, as my 3 years old iPhone 4S is at its limit (and as I already own 2 android phones – Xperia Z and Redmi Note, it makes perfect sense to get an iPhone).

Preference wise, I like the iPhone 6 more due to a more comfortable fit and will more than suffice for my current needs, work and games.

As for the iPhone 6 Plus, good for those who would like a Phablet like phone and if you regularly type with both hands and/or would like to see more info / details on your phone.

As to how soon I’ll get it, maybe when I find time to calculate the difference between recontract and buying online.