News: Capture High Quality Audio Recordings with the Slim and Stylish Sony ICD-TX650

Sony introduced its latest digital voice recorder for today’s business professional, with a focus on the audio quality of recordings. Sporting a sleek and compact body, the slim ICD-TX650 is only as wide as your thumb yet packed with new features that ensure that your recordings are crystal clear, delivering realistic stereo quality during playback.

True to its dedication to achieving the best audio quality and sound, Sony has equipped the ICD-TX650 with a digital microphone enabling high quality digital recording with no loss in audio signal. The recorder’s internal components have been configured for optimal sound recording to achieve a powerful stereo sensation that belies its actual size.

The following features are available on the ICD-TX650 for playback:

  • Digital Pitch Control (Playback Speed Control): “Digital Pitch Control” enables the playback speed to be hastened or slowed without altering the natural pitch.
  • Easy Search: The “Easy Search” feature enables audio to be fast-forwarded or rewound for a fixed number of seconds during playback.
  • Effect: Special effects can be selected to enhance playback of Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Bass music.
  • Track Mark: The “Track Mark” feature enables audio to be played from any desired position. By simply selecting “Track Mark” from the menu, you can add a track mark at the desired location in the file, whether during recording, playback or when paused. This will enable the audio to be played back instantly from your chosen location.
  • Auto Track Marks: Track marks can also be set automatically at equal intervals of 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes.

The built-in lithium-ion battery can be charged via micro USB for 15 hours of recording and a convenient 3-minute Quick Charge function provides an additional hour of recording.

The ICD-TX650 will be available soon at selected Sony Stores and authorised outlets, from mid-October 2014.


Information and visuals as kindly provided by Sony and WE.