News/Food: Battle of the Crab Buffet at Spice Brasserie, ParkRoyal on Kitchener Road!

Slow-braised Pumpkin Crab in Claypot, Stir-fried Crab in Asian spices, Singapore’s Chili Crabs… are just some of the main highlights at Spice Brasserie, ParkRoyal Kitchener’s Battle of the Crab buffet starting 02 October 2014!

Several of us had a sneak peek and taste of the delectable crab dishes (listed above) for Battle of the Crab buffet, created by Chef Low and team, and its on-going Taste of Asia buffet.


Here are some photos from the tasting, may they entice / tempt you for a visit or two or more:

– Slow-braised Pumpkin Crab in claypot and Fried Mantou.

Thoughts: With various spices added, the aroma was pleasant. Taste was closer to a mild version of Indian curry or the Thai curry crab. Mild level of spicy, good for youngsters and those who’d like it mild for dipping mantou or drizzle it over plain rice or have it as a soup. Craving for this as I write/edit the post, heh!

– Stir-fried Crab in Asia spices

Thoughts: Some thought it was black pepper crab due to its spice covered look. But were pleasantly corrected by its lovely taste, the spices brought out a lasting fragrance, a little spicy but teased the palate and made us wanting more!

– Authentic Chili Crab

Thoughts: Simply put, chili crab craving was satisfied šŸ˜€

– Chili Fried Rice

Thoughts: Looked like what you’d find in zi char store but do be cautious. Even for a extreme chili / spicy food lover like me, I found this a little too much to handle. If you are not into chili or spicy food, best not to try this unless you are on a food dare :X

– Braised Pork Bun / Kong Ba Bao (not sure if it’s part of Taste of Asia buffet but it sure was awesome)

Thoughts: Soft bun, melts in your mouth braised pork… ’nuff said :D~

 Claypot Delights (available for Taste of Asia buffet – Dinner selection)

– Salad bar

– Dessert bar

 Light and flavourful Durian cake (yup, it’s that spikey fluff looking cake)

– Durian Pengat with Glutinous Rice


Hope the photos got you very tempted, it got me drooling and craving those yummy crab dishes as I write / edit. I do hope my parents and fiance will be tempted enough and feast on crabs with me, hehee~

For buffet and crab lovers, do head down and try it for yourself!
As for those who are not into crabs, there’s Taste of Asia – claypot dishes and the usual fresh sashimi, selection of seafood and various other dishes!

Battle of the Crab Buffet
Available: from 02 Oct 2014 (every Thursday to Saturday)
Prices: S$60/adult, S$28/child.
Offers: UOB Card members – Complimentary dining for one with every two paying adults (Thursday to Saturday)

Taste of Asia Buffet
Available: Lunch (Daily) & Dinner (Sunday to Wednesday)
Prices: S$38/adult, S$18/child (Lunch)
Prices: S$48/adult, S$18/child (Dinner)
Offers: UOB Card members – One-for-one (Sunday to Wednesday)

For more information: Spice Brasserie – ParkRoyal on Kitchener Road.

There’s a Dine, Snap & Win contest going on and the prize is a 1 Night deluxe stay at ParkRoyal Hotel.
Do refer to the link for details – Dine, Snap and Win T&C.


Side note:
Due to previous experience and slight disappointment on crab sizes with other restaurants’ crab buffets (paid and own cost, of course) with family and friends, I felt the urge to ask if sizing and species might be different for normal buffet dining.

The PR team shared they will serve as close to what we had during media tasting (as per photos above) but of course, depend on stock availability.  That’s fair I feel, after all it is the season for crabs and there will likely be a shortage of supply in the region.

Many thanks to Cleo and ParkRoyal Hotels for the relaxing and yummy media tasting šŸ˜€