News/Food: Sumiya Raises the Bar with New Seafood Menu

Sumiya – the izakaya restaurant located on the rooftop of Orchard Central introduced its sensational new menu featuring freshly caught whole bluefin tuna and an extensive range of seafood, served in a unique variety of cooking styles, earlier in September.

Sumiya – Dining
New menu / selection

The restaurant’s new, signature item – fresh, whole bluefin tuna (nama hon maguro), is raised in the pristine blue waters of Japan and flown into Singapore 2-3 times per week specially for the restaurant whole and uncut, where it is expertly sliced and served, as on-the-spot as sashimi, charcoal-grilled, or deep fried items. A few lucky diners will also get the chance to savour the bluefin tuna head, oven grilled to perfection and served with fresh lemon. (I wantt…. :D~)

Bluefin Tuna

Master Chef Tsuzuki, also heading the award-winning Kuriya Dining restaurant at Great World City, has created a range of ‘firsts’ for the new menu, one of which is the new isoyaki range, a selection of charcoal grilled favourites – live scallops, live abalone, live turban shell and oysters – dressed in a special dashi soy sauce and grilled over charcoal, providing a feast for all the senses.


Can can mushi, priced from S$24.80, transports diners right to the seashore. Steamed at the table in a style enjoyed by Japanese fishermen, freshly caught seafood, including live scallops, prawns and oysters, are combined with Japanese sake and homemade dashi broth in a tin can to bring out the natural essence of each ingredient.

Buri Kama Curry

Curry lovers can look forward to another Chef Tsuzuki’s creation – buri kama curry (yellowtail cheek curry, at a special introductory price of S$24.80 for a limited time only), inspired by Singapore’s famous fish head curry. Double-steamed Rice in Bamboo (from S$9.80) is a must-try highlight. The Japanese rice is steamed in a bamboo tube with a toppings selection that includes grilled eel and salmon roe, pork char siew, grilled salmon flakes with salmon roe, and steamed conger eel.

Fans of Sumiya’s charcoal grilled items have not been left high and dry; they can continue to enjoy the restaurant’s signature charcoal grilled seafood, either indoors or alfresco in the outdoor seating area, which provides a fantastic view of the city.

Shochu lovers can wind down in true izakaya-style with a glass of Bachi Shochu (Japanese shochu with lime slices, served party-punch-style from a bowl) priced at S$58 for 600ml. Alternatively, house sake, offered at special introductory price of $8.80/180ml, is served in a bamboo tube – a symbol of good fortune – while enhancing the roundness of the sake on the palate. The all-time favourite Japanese Asahi draft beer (S$4.90/mug during happy hour) remains a mainstay of the beverage menu.

Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya is located at Orchard Central, #12-02, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896.
Opening hours are 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 10.30pm daily.

Reservation can be done online via Sumiya website or call them at 6509 9618.
For more information, visit


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Information and visuals as shared by Sumiya / RE&S.