News: Ever wonder what Is Singapore’s Favourite Food Delivery Item? foodpanda Has The Answer!

Early this month, Singapore’s leading food delivery marketplace foodpanda released the latest data set around Lion City’s preferred food ordering choices. Pizza, the universally loved dish crowns No.1 as the country’s most popular dish. (urrà!)

Survey summarizes:

  • Percentage of pizza orders on foodpanda : 43%
  • Percentage increase of pizza orders over the past year : 178%
  • Average pizza order per order : 2
  •  Highest pizza order per order : 45

A pizza on foodpanda averagely priced between SGD 13.80 and SGD 24, making it an affordable yet satisfying meal for the busy working adults looking for a stress-free dinner option after a long day or consumers in the hunt for an ideal grub to share among families and friends. Ordering pizza is especially popular during dinnertime and weekends according to the survey, testifying to the above theory.

This national demand for pizza is supported by more than 20 foodpanda partner restaurants over 60 outlets island wide, of which the most popular vendors includes Pastamania, Sarpino’s and Napolizz. The celebrated Italian comfortfood is available in a wide and impressive assortment of flavours and the survey shows that classics like Hawaiian, Margherita and Pepperoni still reign as top picks. The availability of halal pizza restaurants like Sarpino’s and Pastamania also saw an increase in orders from our Muslim friends.

Tiger Woods once said: “And I don’t cook, either. Not as long as they still deliver pizza.” From the above data it certainly looks like ordering pizza is fast becoming a lifestyle habit for the average Singaporean. So the next time you are keen on a pizza (or two!) in Singapore, do log onto the foodpanda website at or its mobile app to place your pizza order.


Information and visual as kindly shared by foodpanda.