Random: Lunch by the beach & updates


Lunching by the beach with the fiancé, after an early morning at Suntec for Canon Photomarathon XII.

Well… we aren’t here to snap photos for submitting, just wanted to relax and escape the crazy week, at least for a while.

And… I feel the need to update on what’s happening with my blog…

If you had seen the Exabytes standby page yesterday, it is due a switch on blog host… due to the following reasons.

The US host server I was using messed up blog, 10 offline issues in 2 days and rolled back posts, deleting recent posts.

That really got me pissed and well, my friend aka blog host admin is stopping his reseller service and advised I switch by next June.

Since there was a promotion on Exabytes, I just went ahead… just to get it over and done with.

Thus, the sudden switch… just hoping no issues for the next 2 years. *cross fingers*

As for the missing posts, I’ll try to get it back up as soon as possible. For those recent press release received, I’ll get on it once the missing ones are up.

My apologies and to everyone reading this, have a good weekend 🙂