Food/Buffet: Sapporo Fair @ Kuishin Bo

When we discuss local buffet restaurants in Singapore to visit with friends, Kuishin Bo will always be one of the crowd favourites, due to the regular regional promotion / fair and unique dishes.

And true to its regular promotions…

Starting early October, buffet lovers, fans of Kuishin Bo / Japanese seafood and cuisine will be able to savour some of Sapporo’s regional delicacies and seafood along with the famous Sapporo beer (there is a 1 for 1 deal), as part of the promotion / fair.


Thanks to RE&S Winnie & Mr Tham for hosting…
Fellow blogger, Esther, the fiance and I had a scrumptious buffet lunch at Kuishin Bo Great World City.

Here are some of the buffet selection, highlights and recommendations we have tried (warning: loads of food images):

– Golden King Crab Legs, Snow Crab Legs and Mud Crab

The King Crab Legs are specially brought in for the Sapporo Fair, while Snow Crab Legs are part of Kuishin Bo’s usual selection. I’m not too sure about the mud crab, didn’t try it since the others caught my attention more but it was cool to see it as a whole and placed next to the big, chilled crab legs. Taste wise, the King Crab Legs was a little saltier and had a stronger sea water taste, Snow Crab Legs was sweeter and both equally fresh & yummy! (Well, I love eating crabs and the meal satisfied my craving for the entire month)

– Kani Gassen Salad

Horsehair crab, king crab and snow crab meat with special dressing are used in this dish. It was a good starter for our buffet and good for those who don’t want to pry open crab shells and/or dirty their hands.

– Tokachi Nikujaga: Tokachi beef from Hokkaido stewed with potato and assorted vegetables in sweetened soy sauce

Though the beef were chunky, it wasn’t tough and the flavor of the sweetened soy sauce filled each bite. Kinda like the chunky version of a sukiyaki?

– Jingisukan

I didn’t realize this was lamb until we chatted about it. This dish didn’t have the usual smell and actually tasted closer or similar to beef, flavorful 😀

– Obihiro Buta Steak

Nicely done pork belly meat. If there was steamed bun, it would have become Pork Belly Bun 😀

– Sapporo’s Chicken Soup Curry

Just like the dish’s name, you can drink it as a soup and look at how big that chicken drum is/was… *yum*

– Pumpkin Salad

Recommended by Winnie, as you can see, it is/was visually appealing and I have always love pumpkin dishes. I tried it with the skin, it was ripe and sweet, no bitter taste from the skin.

– Lotus Root with Yuzu and Wine Sauce

It looked plain but it got me wishing for it right now. This side dish was recommended by Winnie, it was crunchy, slightly sweet and refreshing.

– Satsuma Imo Mochi (Japanese Potato Cake with Teriyaki Sauce)

This was chewy and very addictive but of course, if you have too many of it at a go, you’ll be too full to try the rest 😀

– Fried Baby Crabs

Nicely fried and very crunchy~

– Sweet Corns

Recommended by Winnie.
I can’t remember if it was steamed or boiled but it was said to be done in the simplest way possible, to retain its sweetness. And it sure was sweet, I only had a bite and the fiance finished it.

– Yubari Melon Soft Serve

This is/was on top of its usual dessert selection. As heard from Mr Tham, they tweaked the sweetness of the soft serve, making it just right. It’s a little like having the yubari melon but in a milky and smooth form.


– Dobinmushi

– Items I picked from the selection to fill this grid plate

Kinda makes you want to play tic-tac-toe with food, haha! But of course, one should never play with food… and especially with good food.

– Chilled seafood corner

– Sapporo Fair: Hot food items corner

– Side dishes corner

– Dessert counter

– Drinks corner


Sapporo Fair @ Kuishin Bo

06 October 2014 to 05 January 2015

Available at Jurong Point (JP) and Great World City (GWC)

Weekday lunch: $32.90++ (JP) / $36.90++(GWC)
Weekend lunch: $34.90++ (JP) / $38.90++ (GWC)

Weekday dinner: $48.90++ (JP) / $54.90++ (GWC)
Weekend dinner: $52.90++ (JP) / $58.90++ (GWC)

For information, please visit and


Hope the photos posted enticed and got you planning for a visit 🙂
I would be planning a revisit soon with friends, as there were some items that we didn’t get a chance to try, as it was only available for dinner (e.g. grilled food counter) and we were too full that day, hehee.

Aside to Winnie and Mr Tham, thanks for having us and sharing more on RE&S restaurants.

Post was first published on 31 October.
Redone and reposted due to server issue.

Photo taken with fiance’s Nikon D700 and Sony HX50v.