News: The Yoga Pro 3 – Innovative, Adaptable and Gorgeous

When we, the users, feel laptops might be stuck on stagnant ground when compared to mobile products in terms of design…
Lenovo proved to all that there are still room for innovation with its latest product, Yoga Pro 3.

The new Yoga Pro 3 comes with a gorgeous watchband hinge which caught our immediate attention, during the launch event.



Main features:

The Yoga 3 Pro, is equipped with up to a Intel® Core MTM processor, solid state drive storage up to 512 GB SSD, Intel integrated graphics and runs on Windows 8.1, users can multitask at will, be it for work or casual usage. Set to be lighter than its predecessor by 14%, the Yoga Pro 3 weighs just 1.19kg and wouldn’t tax your bag or back.

The Yoga 3 Pro offers 4 different modes, Laptop, Stand, Tent, or Tablet, to suit users’ usage needs. Be it for replying work emails or reading news or recipes in its tablet mode, with its durable Gorilla Glass and a QHD+ 3200×1800 display, display will always look amazing.




Though keys aren’t retractable like the ones on ThinkPad Yoga, users need not worry about getting jumbled key presses as keys will be temporary disabled when in its various modes (e.g. tablet).

While videos look stunning, the multi-mode device makes them sound just as spectacular with premium JBL® speakers with Waves® Audio which automatically adjusts the audio according to each of the four modes, so that when the speakers are not facing the user, the audio still sounds crisp and clear.

With its in built high-speed 802.11 a/c WiFi and with an up to seven hours of battery life, it would keep you connect throughout the day or while you are on the road.

The YOGA 3 Pro is available from early November, in three sensational colors: Clementine Orange, Platinum Silver and Champagne Gold and retail pricing starts at SGD $2,299 (prices might vary, depending on your preferred configuration).

For more information, please head over to Lenovo site or Lenovo Singapore FaceBook page.


Beautiful piece, we were intrigued with its design… especially that watchband hinge 🙂
Thanks Lenovo Singapore for the close up time with the Yoga Pro 3 and Yoga tablets (which I will try to share about it later).

Information as kindly provided by Lenovo Singapore and Text100.