News: The New Logitech AnyAngle Brings Flexibility and Protection to the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini

Mid this week, Logitech announced its newest addition to its suite of tablet products, the Logitech® AnyAngle, a protective case with an any-angle stand for your iPad® Air 2 and all iPad mini models.

It’s the case that adjusts, so that you don’t have to.

The Logitech AnyAngle comes in a variety of colour combinations, designed to suit your style. So whether you prefer a sophisticated, classic black or want to make a statement with violet or teal, we have your unique look covered.

Similar concept to the Logitech HINGE, the Logitech AnyAngle stand out among other cases is its unique stand with an integrated hidden hinge (in the front flap while HINGE’s hidden hinge is on the back) that holds your iPad at any angle within a 50-degree range, and firmly keeps that angle in place without tipping or sliding. The stand folds entirely behind the iPad, creating a clean, minimalist look, whether in stand mode or when laid flat for reading. Magnets also secure the stand behind the iPad and help hold your angle even during movement, so you can pick up your iPad and move it, without losing your angle.

The Logitech AnyAngle is designed to complement the thin and light aesthetics of the iPad Air 2, and withstand whatever life might throw your way. The case features a rubberized frame that helps protect the iPad from accidental bumps and drops. The front cover’s hidden magnets keep the case securely closed, safeguarding your iPad’s screen from scratches and cracks. And the back of the case has a clear cover which shows off the back of the iPad yet protects it from scratches.

The Logitech AnyAngle is expected to be available locally from end-November, at a suggested retail price of SGD$79.00.

For more information, please visit Logitech AnyAngle –


Information and visuals as kindly provided by Logitech Singapore.

Keep your tablet safe and view videos / photos easy, with the Logitech cases…
Plus the new colors do look nice, good for users who like funky / vibrant colors and there are still the basic colors, if you prefer.

As shared previously, I’m using the HINGE for iPad mini.
It’s still serving me well, protecting my iPad mini well, if you overlook my accidental pen marks and bumping the HINGE case on harder surfaces 🙂