News: Stay Charged All Through the Day with the Sony CP-S5 Portable Charger

Sony recently introduced the CP-S5 Portable Charger, adding yet another stylish device to its range of Portable Chargers.

Succeeding the previously announced CP-F5 model, the CP-S5 features a high output of 1.5A, enabling fast charging of your smartphone up to two times (depends on the capacity of your smartphone battery). Furthermore, it features a pass-through-charging function that allows you to charge both your smartphone and portable charger at the same time, definitely good feature / function for heavy users. Utilizing Hybrid Gel Technology, the CP-S5 contains a Lithium-ion polymer battery manufactured by Sony, allowing it to retain 90 per cent of its capacity at 1,000 charges.

Weighing 10 per cent lighter than its predecessor at approximately 141g, the CP-S5 features a 4 LED indicator and comes encased in a small and light-weight aluminium body which is 20 per cent smaller in footprint compared to its predecessor. With a charging capacity of 5,000mAh, the CP-S5 will be a reliable companion to owners of battery-draining devices, including smartphones, tablets, cameras and portable gaming devices.

The new CP-S5 Portable Charger from Sony will be available in Singapore at all Sony stores and selected authorised dealers from mid-December 2014 onwards.
At a recommended retail price of S$59 and available in Black, Silver and Copper.


Maybe I will consider getting this when my portable charger loses charge, it’ll look good next to my upcoming mobile purchase 😛

Information and visual as kindly shared by Sony Singapore & WE.

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