Thoughts: Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

Pardon my super late posting on this.
Left the draft sitting and totally forgotten about it, especially after the blog’s major database migration.

Thanks to Logitech Singapore and the PR team, received the much anticipated K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard review unit in October to try out

– K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard: Box Front View

You might be wondering, why is it much anticipated?

It is…

Especially for multi tech devices / OS owners, like me, to want a keyboard that works on the OS (Operating System), to make replying emails, blogging or typing so much easier. Thus eliminating the need to buy multiple keyboards that will suit or work each OS, which also equates to cost saving.

And those who know my style well, knows that I’m the kind of lazy / ‘nua’ blogger who prefers to snap photos and blog via mobile or tablet whenever possible.


Okay, let’s get back to the K480.

To start, here are some photos of the K480…
(note: my apologies for the slightly grainy photo, was using the iPhone 4s and Redmi Note in dim room light)

– K480: Front view.

– Easy-switch dial, for users to switch between the 3 devices paired to the K480.

– On/off switch and battery indicator light.

– Cover and slot for 2 x AAA battery.

– Connect button for OS Bluetooth pairing. Hold for 3 seconds on the selected OS connect button and search for device on Mobile / Tablet / PC / Mac to pair.

– Confirm the Bluetooth pairing request by keying in the number shown on your device (as tested with future mother-in-law’s Samsung Tab tablet).

– Devices will fit / slot nicely into the cradle, slightly angled while providing a comfortable view.

– Typed and tested.

– And here’s one, with all 3 devices sitting in the cradle and type tested. (L -> R: iPad Mini, Redmi Note & iPhone 4s)


– Design / Style: Simple, functional and close to full size keyboard. The sticker diagrams provided on the keyboard, makes it easy to refer and pair.
– Built: Plastic built but has a bit of weight, 820 grams, making it sit firm on desk while typing.
– Power: Runs on 2 x AAA battery, estimated to last for 2 years (or depending on individual’s usage)
– Feel: I like the feel of the keys, quiet when compared to regular keyboards and responsive. On an occasion, I was drafting a resume for a family member for 2 hours straight, sitting it on my lap and desk from time to time. During that 2 hours or after, my wrists weren’t tired or aching comparing to other Bluetooth keyboards previously tested.
– Price: Retailing at S$59.00, very affordable for a Bluetooth keyboard.
– Colors: Available in White or Black.

Cons / Others:
– Weight: I wouldn’t say it’s an issue or con but it is twice the weight of an iPad Mini, so I don’t see myself bringing it everywhere to use. But some friends do bring it out, to use with their tablets and that remove their need for the laptop.
– Connectivity: Yet to get the pairing to work with PC / laptop, not sure why but I’ll update again, once I get it done.
– Number pad and function keys: Perhaps I’m too used to having a number pad on regular keyboard, so it did take a couple of minutes to adjust. Same goes for the function keys, to look at it carefully to hit the right function.

It was a ‘love at first try’ (thankfully I don’t fall in love with review units often, just once in a while) plus I foresee myself using it more than my ‘dust gathering’ laptop and PC, so I bought the K480 in Black!

I highly recommend the K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard, especially for a multi-OS and devices user and in need a reliable Bluetooth keyboard for desk usage at an affordable price 🙂

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