News: Smokehouse Charcoal BBQ ‘Beefs Up’ and New Lunch & Dinner Menu

The popular Smokehouse Charcoal BBQ at Great World City features a new menu designed to enhance the dining experience and further underscore the restaurant’s affordable, top-class Wagyu beef.

While retaining its signature all-you-can-eat buffet of rice, soup, appetiser, salad bar and fruits, the restaurant now offers lunch and dinner sets with an assortment of main course meat or seafood, cooked to perfection by Smokehouse’s specialist chefs.


On the new lunch menu are a variety of set meals, a-la-carte BBQ, as well as hot pot items, featuring Wagyu beef, pork, chicken, seafood and vegetables to appeal to every palate.

The showstopper is the restaurant’s premium quality A3-A5 Japanese Wagyu beef – including the famous Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu, sourced directly by Smokehouse’s own Wagyu specialist team in Japan and carefully aged to optimum quality at the restaurant.

Created by award-winning Master Chef Naoki Tsuzuki of Kuriya Dining, the menu is reasonably priced – almost half that of established Japanese BBQ restaurants and on par with major supermarket prices in Singapore, due to the restaurant’s strong business partnerships with Japan’s best suppliers.

A MUST TRY is the daily selection of Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku Set, currently available at a promotional price of S$21.80nett, and sautéed by Smokehouse’s chefs. Other delicious originals include Master Chef Tsuzuki’s Japanese Wagyu Minced Beef Cutlet Set (S$23.80nett), served with special homemade sauce and Japanese tonkatsu sauce.

As for hot pot lovers, there are three selections of Konabe (single-serve hot pot): Today’s Japanese Wagyu Konabe Hot Pot Set (S$25.80nett) – a Shabu Shabu style Japanese Wagyu beef hot pot; the Iberico Pork Belly Konabe Hot Pot Set (S$24.80nett) – with premium acorn-fed Iberico pork from Spain; and Seafood Hot Pot with Tom Yam Soup(S$25.80nett) for diners who prefer a piquant, tangy broth.


For dinner, patrons can choose to grill their choice meats in a do-it-yourself style over a charcoal flame, or hot pot style at their table with set items served with assorted vegetables.

Smokehouse’s dinner menu offers four barbeque meat sets, all featuring the restaurant’s sweet, tasty, melt-in-your-mouth Japanese Wagyu beef, and include the full selection of all-you-can-eat buffet spread. For non-beef eaters, there is also a selection of seafood, and pork sets..

For a group of 2 – 3 persons, Chef Tsuzuki’s Omakase Wagyu Set (S$188 nett) features 500g of various tender, succulent cuts, including ribeye and karubi (short rib). The ‘piece de resistance’ is the premium Funamori Set (S$288nett) with a total of 800g of premium and rare Wagyu beef cuts, perfect for sharing among a group of 4 – 5 persons.

And for diners who prefer a warm soupy meal, Smokehouse also offers a selection of hot pots for dinner, which come with a wide assortment of ingredients and four kinds of soup: bonito-based Japanese clear soup; sweet Suki-nabe soup; Tonkotsu pork bone soup; and hot and spicy Tom Yam soup.

There are three hot pot sets, each served with assorted vegetable and udon noodles: Haru Hot Pot Set (S$88nett) – with fresh seafood like salmon, prawn, scallops, chicken wings and pork belly; Natsu Hot Pot Set (S$82.00nett) – with chicken wings, pork belly, US ribeye beef slices; and Aki Hot Pot Set (S$88.00nett) – with Japanese Wagyu chuck roll slices and Japanese Kurobuta pork slices.

Customers who prefer to order a-la-carte can select from Smokehouse’s extensive range of meat, seafood, and vegetables, including over 20 different cuts of Japanese Wagyu beef. And for diners who can’t get enough, a retail section with a wide variety of premium, vacuumed-packed Japanese Wagyu beef and other premium meat is available for take-away, as well as an exclusive range of BBQ gear, and Master Chef Tsuzuki’s original BBQ sauces.


For reservation and more information:

Smokehouse Charcoal BBQ

Address: Great World City #01-37, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994

Tel: 6235 2185




Information and visuals as kindly shared by RE&S.

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